Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jonathon's Journal - Mission to save Katernix

So here we are. Taking an extended rest in a 1,000 year old castle deep within the mountains. Cramped in a small room with dead bodies and a smelly dwarf that is resting. Smells like Mountain Dew in here. Gross.

The day started nice enough. Delver’s Dale is such a beautiful town. As we approached Arawai cast a soft shadow over the town with a magnificent sun rise giving it a majestic feel.

We started making our way over to the Rusty Kettle when we heard screams of battle from Hobgoblins and Ogres. I hadn’t met an Ogre in battle before but heard stories of their strength. While the group was making plans for Sterling and Braddoc to ensure Katernix was safe I wasn’t listening. Dol Dorn had a test for me today. Too meet an Ogre on the battle field. After asking Dol Dorn to bless us with divine defensive magic, I began running towards the screams. Damn, Armor. I mean, it looks cool and has saved my life many times, but I wanted to go solo against that Ogre. My speed was no match though as the party quickly overtook me. Of all people. Ethan arrived first and was getting the glory of laying the smack down on the Ogre. From a brief moment during the battle I thought Dol Dorn was playing a joke on me. But I didn’t worry long. The combination of my blessing from Dol Dorn and Olladra luck meant Ethan would live to see another day. At least that thought made me smile. I think I’m binging to like have Ethan around after all. But, what a fool. Charging an Ogre head on like that with a puny weapon and no armor. How has he survived this long?

After dispatching the Ogre we ran back to the Rusty Kettle to find Braddoc nearly dead. From the survivors stories he fought with honor to the last breathe worthy of stories in Dol Arrah’s name. I’m so happy he was still alive. The thought of having to bury Braddoc gives the creeps. I hope I never oversee another funeral. Thank you to The Host for looking out for him today!

Kartenix and his son were kidnapped by hobgoblins. Before we could decide on the next course of action we were called to some diplomats chambers. We were informed that in addition to the towns folks that were kidnapped a number of Aureon artifacts were stolen from the church. The hobgoblins must be working for someone. They can’t be doing that on their own. The items are apparently left over from another time when humans and goblins were at war. They must be retrieved. After a short conversation we promised to return them and asked the town for horses.

Hours after leaving the town, we had to leave the horses behind to climb sections of the mountain. Again, armor sucks for climbing. I was useless and needed the assistance of my friends. And hot. Good grief. While everyone was busy it seemed appropriate to lead a prayer session to Aureon to ask for assistance in finding the Hobgoblins that stole his artifacts. I definitely felt his presence. The chants had a noticeable effect in lifting the spirits of my tired comrades. Aureon wants us to succeed in this mission. I’m sure of it.

We get to the top of the cliff and out of no where get attacked by three hippogriffs. If it was just one I would have tried scaring it off. But there were three and if we didn’t take the threat seriously one of us might have died. We killed two and drove the other away. Afterwards, I sat and prayed too Balinor too look after the souls of those Hippogriffs. Afterall, they were doing what came natural to animals. They were looking for food. During my prayers, I heard a few party members discussing the value of Hippogriff eggs. If they ever dare, Balinor, please bless me with your might to lay the smack down and set my friends right.

Though we were tired we pressed on as there were people to save. We made it to the entrance of this old castle and dispatched four hobgoblins and two goblin archers in the main room. I grabbed one of them near the end so we could interrogate him. After a few minutes he decided it was in his interest to talk. He gave us some valuable info on the castle and its occupants. I gave him my word that we would let him go free. Damn, Ethan to hell. Why does he not understand the honor in keeping ones word? And Delian? He is a Paladin of the Silver Flame. I thought they were bound by a personal code of conduct for this type of circumstance. Perhaps I’ve been wrong about him. The way he fights as well. He skulks around like a rat sometimes, not like a warrior. How did he get blessed with Knighthood? He has confirmed my suspicions. The Silver Flame has much lower standards than the Sovereign Host and has proven that he can’t be trusted to keep his word like most Paladins.

What Ethan doesn’t realize is that I’m waiting for him to fall asleep so I can walk out in the main chamber to bring the unconscious hobgoblin outside, stripe him of weapons, heal him and then release him. I am duty bound to keep my word. He may not trust the word of the host but it’s a matter of principle. It’s a small risk that I’ll be seen and attacked on my own but if that happens so be it. If the lone goblin tries anything stupid then I’ll waste no time in killing him.

After we came into this second room we ran into a swarm of insects and a few more hobgoblins. I chased after two of them. When I ran around the corner I set off a trap that nearly killed a dwarf in the corner. Spikes! After a quick prayer to Dol Dorn I knocked down the one in front of me with such a powerful attack it knocked him back. Moving quickly to get off the spikes I jumped on top of the prone hobgoblin. The battle continued for a few more moments. While Sterling was distracting the one in the corner with the trap lever I was lifting the dwarf up to save him from impending doom. One more attack from the spikes and he would be dead. Delian rounds the corner and trips the trap even after he was warned. After today’s events nothing will surprise me anymore from followers of the Flame.

We eventually free the dwarf and have now decided to rest overnight in this room. We are all exhausted. I healed the dwarf enough so he is in no danger of dying. But he is in no condition to talk until the morning.

Good. I think Ethan is asleep. The dwarf is comfortable. Let’s see if I can sneak out of here now to go free to Hobgoblin. If anyone is awake, they can join me if they wish. But heaven forbid, they are not stopping me. May the Host be with us.


skallawag said...

If I was aware of your leaving the party at that point, then I would say something and alert the party. We are resting and your leaving the area/room compromises our security.

Neil said...

Great post, I had a few coworkers look at me funny when I was laughing!

I want a perception check to see if I notice Jonathon leave! Hehe...

Celestial Bison said...

Jay, don't give this too much thought. We don't need to have a bunch of roles all week to see who notices or doesn't notice. Use your judgement and do what makes sense to improve the story.

Obviously, if someone notices and makes enough commotion to wake the group I won't leave. I'll just grumble under my breath, looking at Ethan and Delian while not speak to anyone until the morning. This was to add additional flavor to the characther. Maybe Ethan wakes up just in time to see me sneak back in. That would be cool. Or I free the Hobgoblin and we later fight him again when he joins the hobgolbin boss. Hey, maybe the Hobgoblin even does something to free the group after my act of kindness to save him. The story potential is limitless. :)

Dave said...

Awesome post Rob! I love the character development going on here!

Jay Vandendool said...

I can't tell you enough how much I love reading these things. This one is almost good enough to be a recap!

As far as your plan I need to know if you guys take turns on watch or does Sterling do it all? He doesn't need sleep but as a Warlord he may require time to focus inwardly on tactics and his powers.

Neil said...

I agree with Rob in that we should keep much of what is occurring in the blog, in the blog.

If Rob let's the goblin go free, I expect we'll fight him again and that will have some interesting role playing in it's own right.

Having said that Ethan would volunteer to take a turn doing the watch. Just because Sterling can, doesn't mean he should. That's my 2 cp, looking forward to more posts this week!

Celestial Bison said...

I second that motion. I'm more interested in using the blog to improve the story, plot and character development. Discussing who made what spot check is boring.

I'm not interested in making roles during the week to see if Jonathon notices Ethan following him to the church (as posted previously) or have Neil role to see Ethan notices Jonathon sneak out the door to leave keep his word with the Hobgoblin. etc, etc.

I would suggestion one of two options. Either automatically assume stuff written on the blog succeeds or give absolute discretion to the DM. If the DM doesn't have time to recap what happened on the blog he can let us know at the beginning of the next session.

That's just my humble opinion of course.

skallawag said...

In that case, I do a search around the room and assume that I am successful because it's in the blog. Wow, I found an Orb +6!

Neil said...


Celestial Bison said...

I think Cary understand what I mean. He is just being difficult. :)

Neil, do you realize there is a trend. Our characthers always seem to be at odds. I left in Derek's game because of your guy.

Although this time the developments/history we're creating are much more interesting.

Eventually something might happen so that Ethan and Jonathon become true friends in the end. Who knows?

But I'm having fun, so don't take any of it personally.

Jay Vandendool said...

OK. You all take turns on watch. You all take short 1 hour shifts at first and Sterling takes the rest of the night on his own.
The order is Delian, Ethan, Nenia, Jonathon and then Sterling.

During his turn Jonathon leaves his armour off and takes a big risk going to free the goblin (as suggested). It is actually fortunate as the little bugger had come to and had was very near to cutting his bonds with a dagger left from the battle. Misreading Jonathon's intentions he begins to quake and wail for mercy. Jonathon is able to calm him. Then with a final warning he frees the goblin. Weak and sore, the goblin quickl turns and runs out the entrance into the darkness.

Upon returning to the group Sterling is rousing from his mental studies. He looks at Jonathon but when now explanation for Jonathon's departure is forthcoming he ignores it and begins his duties on watch.

Delian, Ethan, and Nenia are exhausted from the days events and don't stir during Jonathon's watch.

Neil said...

Rob, I have noticed that. However, this time out it's a much healthier misunderstanding between the characters. Really a clash of social class more than anything.

I do have some idea's on how we can overcome things, I just don't think Ethan's ready yet. Soon though.