Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Delian’s Letters

21 Eyre, 999 YK

Greetings, Father Tana

So many things have happened since I left Sharn. I don’t think a letter is the proper way to share many of these experiences, but I wanted to write you nonetheless.

You will be pleased to learn that our journey brought us to Flamekeep for a short time. While there I presented your requests to the Council of the Flame as you asked. I don’t know if they will take them seriously or not, but the fact that they weren’t dismissed out of hand is a positive sign.

While in Flamekeep a woman named Halinna introduced herself to me as Liola’s aunt. She was a very pleasant lady and excited to hear first-hand news of Coldflame Keep. I told her about Liola’s progress and she wanted me to thank you for being such a good teacher and mentor to her niece.

Father Tana, I want tell you about a strange set of circumstances which led me to a wonderful discovery of faith.

My companions and I rescued a fallen Paladin of the Silver Flame. He had become possessed by a demonic force. I am very glad to tell you that we were able to free his mind without killing him. But he carries a tremendous burden of guilt because of the atrocities he committed while possessed.

Since freeing his mind, I have worked with this man. He has a good heart I am saddened when he tells me he cannot feel the Flame burning within him. Through lengthy discussions and prayers we have successfully reignited his devotion to the Silver Flame, but we both know it will be a long time before he feels it burning as brightly in his soul as it once did.

My part in his release and redemption has allowed me to feel the warmth of the Silver Flame in a different and very satisfying way. It has renewed and strengthened my resolve to the Flame. My heart and mind look at things differently and with more clarity. It is similar to the way I felt when the Silver Flame first touched my spirit. I believe it is trying to show me a path, a path that my life can take in service to the Silver Flame. I am excited and quite curious as to where this path might lead.

We will discuss this more when next I return to Sharn. Unfortunately at this point I don’t know when that might be. Until then, may the Flame keep you safe.


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