Thursday, January 15, 2009


Small City, Population 12,800

(most info from Five Nations book)
The modern city of Xandrar, built on the eastern bank of the Silver River where the waters of Silver Lake pour into Lake Galifar, takes its name from the much older Dhakanni city of Xandrar, whose ruins occupy the western riverbank and several miles of the lakeshore. The thriving city is Breeland's gateway for trade with the Eldeen Reaches, and small barges ply the lake, providing ties to Aundair as well. Since Eldeen and Aundair were openly at war for most of the last century, Xandrar became a key link for what little trade the two nations could not avoid.
Mayor Garrit Tomraan governs the city, but Countess Yassic ir'Oeskai provides the city watch and administers the surrounding lands. The countess spends most of her time at her mansion within the city rather than at Drum Keep, the primary garrison of her holdings. She and Garrit hold wildy different opinions on the "Swords of Liberty problem" that has infested the region in recent months, but generally manage to work together to keep the city from being burned to the ground.

Yassiv has some sympathy for the goals of the Swords of Liberty, and rumours persist that she once adventured with Red Owl, the legendary leader of the area's Swords of Liberty cell. Garrit meanwhile, has no patience for the destructive tactics of the Swords and the suffering Red Owl has personally brought to innocents while trying to strike out against the monarchy.

The Liberty Palace, the headquarters of Red Owl spoken of in whispers throughout the region, is said to be located in Xandrar.


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