Saturday, January 31, 2009


As Ethan followed the Hobgolbin runt back to it's lair, all he could think was that this was too easy and far too convienent. That Jarmagg knew who they all were wasn't that surprising. The others hadn't been subtle about announcing their presence or intentions. In hindsight Ethan should have kept a lower profile and not asked so many questions, but what was done was done. Now he just had to follow the Hobgoblin to Rathos' hideout.

Something just didn't fell right. Jarmagg had been too eager to to send Ethan and his companions out after Rathos. It didn't sit right with him, kill Rathos and Jarmagg would give the party this DragonShard? Ethan doubted Jarmagg was that well intentioned.

Making a vow to be vigilant in future dealings with the Kobold Ethan continued to follow the Hobgoblin until it entered an underground vault. Marking the location Ethan quickly returned to his companions, the time for thinking was past. Now was a time for action.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Alara's Chamber...

Alara's eyes followed Sterling's retreating frame as he exited the chamber. She sensed her minotaur bodyguards weight shift to his right leg.

"Speak your mind Telios. I've known you long enough to know when something troubles you even if you don't utter the words."

After a moment Telios' baratone voice rumbled "Do you really think it is wise to send these young ones after such an important item? It took you many years to locate and arrange possession of the dragonshard. We know of no other that will be sufficient for our cause."

"I understand your concern my friend. However there is more to this group than meets the eye. I understand Ragnolin has great faith in them. They will serve the purpose as well or better than many others."

She turned to look at the massive frame of the minotaur as he leaned upon his mighty battle axe. Over the years he had transformed from hired protection into an advisor of sorts. He rarely spoke unless he thought it important enough to do so.

"Besides," she continued, "whether they are successful or not, our plans will be furthered. If they are slain then they are out of our hair and we simply go get the dragonshard from Rathos ourselves. If they are able to secure it then we have our next prize and the lot of them will be off to a place farther from Eberron than they will have thought possible."

She turned to the curtained doorway behind her. "Andred. I know you are there. Please stop skulking about and show yourself."

The dragonborn pulled the curtain aside as stepped into the room. "I am simply ensuring that history has accurate records of the great events to come Mi'lady."

Alara rolled her eyes. "Are you sure you have located the information we need to secure our end of the bargain with the members of the Clifftop's Adventurers Guild?"

"I am one hundred percent certain I know the last location where the Phoenix Cloak was said to be guarded. One can never be sure it has not moved in the last 20 years of course."

Alara was silent a moment. "Excellent. As usual your talents for delving through historical data are invaluable."

Andred bowed and turned to step back through the doorway. However, Alara interrupted his progress. Without turning he stopped as she said "Andred, if I catch you eavesdropping on my private conversation again I will ensure that your name will be erased from history."

Andred nodded and disappeared behind the curtain.

Recap #17 - Searching for Bloody Ghosts

  • The group has been charged with the task of retrieving a seemingly priceless Khyber dragonshard that was stolen from Alara by a group known as the Bloodghost Syndicate. The dragonshard had been raided from its transport ship as it crossed Lake Galifar to Xandrar.
  • The PCs opted to enter Xandrar singly and to each do their own information gathering in order to find clues as to the location of the syndicate's hideout or anything else pertaining to the heist.
  • Ethan worked the streets and was able to secure the name of a noble who had recently been ripped off by the Syndicate and to set up a meeting with a member of the Bloodghosts on the pretence of becoming a member. He was to meet Tolg at the Bottle and Blade Speak Easy Inn and then meet someone named Jarmaag Fireseer. Ethan also spent some time at the docks and confirmed the Bottle and Speak easy as a known Bloodghost hangout. Oddly enough he new sailor buddy had heard nothing of a raided ship and murdered crew - let alone the theft of a large dragonshard.
  • Delian used his ties to the church to locate a member of the town's guards who would be willing to provide information on the Bloodghosts in exchange for assistance on taking them down if possible. He also met with the noble - Armos - and learned that he had recently been sold a fraudulant relic by the Bloodghosts. He offered Delian the name Jarmaag Fireseer at the Bottle and Blade in exchange for assistance in getting his money back or the real artifact he wanted in the first place.
  • Nenia (and Sterling) hit up the local "fences" posing as prospective buyers of rare rituals and dragonshards. She set up a deal to buy a rare ritual and was given the name of another fence who was known to deal in Dragonshards. After some convincing, the second fence told he to give the code phrase "The moon of Khyber shines bright upon Eberron" to the barkeep at the Bottle and Speak Easy. From there she would be able to meet someone selling a "huge and nearly flawless" dragonshard.
  • Our dwarven friend Braddoc opted for the direct approach. He marched himself straight to the seediest drinking establishment he could find and started talking loudly about recovering stolen dragonshards and the Bloodghosts. At one point he noticed a large bugbear give him a sidelong look, drain his drink, and slip out into the night. Braddoc took notice of his looks for future recognisance. The next day he continued his methods and was lucky enough to stumble upon the bugbear at another bar. He sidled up to him and demanded the bugbear to tell him what he know of the Bloodghosts and the dragonshard. The bugbear warned to him mind his own business and take a hike. Braddoc responded threateningly and a fight ensued. Though Brugg - the bugbear - weilded a huge greatclub he was no match for the dwarf. In the end Braddoc knocked him unconscious and was rewarded for his efforts by being invited to the back room of the bar where he was told to return the next day for information on the dragonshard. Surprisingly enough he was given the name Jarmaag Fireseer at the Bottle and Blade Inn.
  • The next day the entire group made their way to the east end of Xandrar and devised a plan on entering the pub separately. Delian posed as a prospective buyer of rare wines (and paid a ransom for a few glasses of rare liquer). Ethan met Tolg and waited patiently for Jarmaag to show his face. Nenia with her "bodyguard" Sterling gave their secret code to the barkeep and promptly ordered a glass of milk before she was ridiculed into purchasing a mug of ale. Latly, Braddoc marched in asking for Jarmaag. They were all rewarded when the kobold Jarmaag entered the pub from the kitchen and directly asked the lot of them to follow him downstairs for on offer of exchange.
  • Below the pub was a secret gambling hall. After being forced to relinquish their weapons at the door they met with Jarmaag and Tolg inside. Jarmaag offered to ensure the group located the laid of Rathos in exchange for their guarantee that Rathos' leadership of the local Bloodghosts would end and Jarmaag's would begin.
  • The group agreed and Jarmaag promptly set up a meeting with one of Rathos' known henchmen. Jarmaag got into a heated argument with the hobgoblin. When the irate contact stormed out of the pub Ethan trailed him into the ruins to the East and learned where the location of Rathos' lair was.
  • After the party was gathered they descended the steps of the hideout into what looked like an ancient crypt. After carefully searching the alcoves and halls for traps the group came upon a door. From the far side they heard a piano.
  • Passing through the door revealed a 20 foot square room ending in a thick green curtain. From beyond the beautiful tones of the piano continued. When the groupmates reached the curtain it magically pulled back to reveal an absolutely stunning woman playing an ornate piano in the middle of a throne room. She welcomed them and, when questioned, indicated the she did indeed know Rathos. She had struck a deal with him to guard his entrance in exchange for all the food it brought to her! A battle ensued during which Sterling smashed and burned the piano.
  • Even after dominating a couple of the heroes and teleporting away the group was able to trap her outside a storeroom and finish her off. Delian delved the recesses of his religious teaching and recalled that the beast was known as a Vampire Muse. The only way to truly kill her was by destroying her blood cauldron (think phylactery). Oddly enough Sterling has inadvertantly already done so by destroying the piano in which it was hidden!
  • Inside the storage room the group found a

Cloak of Distortion +2 (Adventurer's Vault)
Silver-plated sword x 2 (250 gp each)
500 gp


Born in Lakeview 20 years prior, Alara Laecandra had a harsh life. Her father was a beast of a man who worked her to the bone on their farm outside of Lakeview. She quickly learned to covet the small niceties she was able to squirrel away. Around her twelveth year her natural afinity for magic caught the eye of Alkraine Il’tansil - the towns mage. He agreed to teach her magic whenever she was able to spend time.

Years later Alara and a group of youth from the town were charged with retrieving an important relic stolen from the town by raiding goblins. The adventure that followed brought Alara throughout the world and it is even rumoured she travelled through the fabric of time itself. Perhaps that explains why she became such a powerful necromancer at such an early age.

Recently she returned to her home town and has transformed the backwater hamlet into a busseling hub of trade for raw materials such as ore and lumber. While not the official leader of the town, most would quickly concede that she is the driving force making the rules.

It is known that she somehow knows Ragnolin Dourstone and was able to provide information to Kartenix and Jaryn regarding the location of the Raptor's Mask. She has now agreed to provide the party with information on the extremely powerful Cloak of Flames in exchange for retrieving a huge Khyber Dragonshard from the Bloodghosts of Xandrar.

She seems to keep the company of a powerful looking minotaur and a scholarly looking dragonborn named Andred.