Saturday, June 21, 2008

Delian (Del) Tra'dal

Delian (Del) Tra'dal
Half-Elf Paladin
A brief history in his own words


Neil said...

I like him, interesting mix on the stat block.

My only question is why not wear plate? Paladins are the only class that start proficient. Granted, it might be too heavy.

Otherwise he looks good. Good call on the cleric power as the Half-elf racial bonus. It adds nicely to the divine mix of the character.

Cave2626 said...

I couldn't afford plate.

Here's my starting equipment list. It comes to exactly 100 gp.

45 Scale Armor
10 Heave Shield
30 Bastard Sword
1 Dagger
10 Holy Symbol
2 Backpack
1 Rpoe, 50ft hemp
1 Belt Pouch

Cave2626 said...

I've made some small changes to the character. Most notably I've tweaked his abilities.

Str 12 -> 13
Dex 10 -> 8
Int 8 -> 10
Wis 17 -> 16
Cha 16 -> 17