Saturday, June 21, 2008

Party Leader

Sorry about the wonky formatting in the character's stat block below. I'm not really sure how/why that happened. (Jay perhaps you can fix this for me? In any case, I haven't had a chance to work on Del's background yet. I'm envisioning him as the leader or co-leader of the party. My last couple of characters we not suitable to lead the group so I'd really like to have a chance to be the group leader this time around. Of course it will totally depend on what everyone else decides they want to play. But note that I have a 16 Cha (and will continue to raise this ability at 4th and 8th level), +10 Diplomacy and +10 Insight. Does anyone else have any strong feelings about leadership?


Neil said...

I have no desire to be the party leader even though Cleric's are in the 'leader' category of classes. As for who it is, doesn't really matter to me. Derek's build certainly lends itself to the leadership role outside of combat.

Curtis said...

If you want to be the social face of the party, that shouldn't be a problem. How High and Mighty is your Paladin going to be?

You going to smite all our underworld contacts?

Neil said...

Please don't smite my underworld contacts. Heck... Please don't smite me.