Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sterling's Journal - 4 Rhaan, 998 YK

As the morning broke there was a quiet energy between everyone.  Last night Earnin informed us that we'd make Black Pit by dusk tomorrow and we should prepare ourselves for anything.  I believe he meant armed conflict, however his voice carried subtle overtones of something else, something darker.

We set up camp as the last rays of the sun were receeding behind the Blackcap Mountains to the west of us.  The mountains themselves are a marvel.  We camped near a river Earnin said was fed from springs from high up.  The water was crystal clear with a blue hue.  We decided to stop early to take a swim and a bath and it was incredibly refreshing.  Getting some of the travel dust out of my folds and equipment was well appreciated.  

When we stopped to bathe the others stripped down to enter the water as I strode into the river.  The water was cool, but not uncomfortable.  Delian came in after me however he swore when Larien dove into the river.  "By the Flame" I think was what he cried out.  He quickly left the river and covered himself up.  Apparently he thought the water was a little cold.  

Ethan seemed out of sorts too.  I caught him taking quick glances at Larien as if he'd never seen a female before and he'd look away from her everytime she looked over at him. Ethan's face was bright red and he too left the river much earlier than the others.  I asked Larien why she thought Ethan and Delian had left the river so soon, but she only smiled.

Afterwards there seemed an uncomfortable silence between those Ethan and Larien until she asked what kind of bird we were roasting that night.  While we were in the river still, Ethan had managed to net three geese a little upstream from where we were.  He described how he had heard the geese from the river then headed up investigate and eventually how he got close enough to net them.  Whatever tension existed between the two seemed to melt away at that point.

Tomorrow we reach Black Pit.  I feel somewhat anxious about what tomorrow brings.  Its a feeling I am all too familiar with.  The anticipation of battle...