Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ethan's Journal - 4 Rhaan, 998 YK

"The road is long and never ending." Captain Dalen ir'Takoosh, retired Brelish light infantry

My body has become accustomed to the aches and pains associated with travel by horseback. The day's are routine, we wake to Sterling brewing tea. The brew instantly revives our mental faculties. We break our fast with bread, cheese and some dried meats. We saddle our horses and ride all day. Most day we have our mid-day meal in the saddle. As the afternoon drags on we search for a safe place to camp. We sup and then sleep while Sterling stands watch. We are fortunate to have him. His constant vigilance is a comfort in these unknown lands.

Though I suppose they are only unknown to me. I've lived my whole life in Sharn and only dreamed at a chance of life beyond the towers. All the others have travelled the world. I marvel at the size of it all. We've been travelling nearly a month and we're still in Breland. One of my companions will occasionally point to the horizon and relate an old story. I have no such experiences to share.

Truth is the only time of day I feel of much use is when we make camp. I set the horses to graze and with the assistance of Larien rub them down. I suppose I kid myself as it is I who assist her. She is a warrior to the bone. The way she moves and holds herself, everything has a purpose and her bow is always at her side.

I'm not sure whose idea it was, but someone suggested we use the stream by the camp to bathe. I was nervous at first as I don't have much experience in water. However the gentle current was soothing on travel weary muscles. Then Larien entered the stream. Olladra save me, but I couldn't look away. I feel as though she were taunting me to look at her. But it's not appropriate, I've no right, though the Six take me if I've met someone more beautiful.

Afterwards I lucked upon some goose for dinner. The warm meal helped as Earnin advised us we'd arrive in Black Pit tomorrow. His words were sobering as it's easy to forget why we're out here. I feel alone at times. I have no experience in the life I've been forced upon. Surrounded by soldiers and men of faith. I fear my lack of experience may get myself or one of my companions killed.


Curtis said...

I like how the attitudes and thoughts of each character are getting fleshed out as we write and read these blogs.

Things such as Ethan's lack of self confidence, and Sterlings lack of understanding of basic tenents of human behaviour.

I also like being able to write small bits about some of the things other characters do. Making up a bath scene where the paladin of the silver flame is embarassed, but the priest of the Host is less reserved.

Neil said...

I agree. As we level and progress with the campaign I'm interested to see how these attitudes shift.