Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ethan's Journal - 8 Rhaan, 998 YK

The hills are quiet, the sounds of combat faded. A hush has descended back upon the mountains. Soft voices are heard from a tent, gently probing for information. The mine entrance looms ominously in the distance; A black hole offset by the granite rock. Squatting by the palisade wall is Ethan, a small book in his hand in which he is writing furiously.

We left town early this morning intent on intercepting the ore shipment. As we approached a bend in the path the sound of battle rose up before us. I was out of my saddle in seconds, instincts I didn't know I had kicking in. I sprinted towards an old tower wall, intending to move behind and flank the enemy. My muscles felt good to be stretched and challenged. I leaped up and vaulted the five foot wall with ease, landing lightly on my feet. The foe were lizard creatures and though I once again found myself separated from my companions we managed to dispatch the enemy and live to tell the tale. I need to be more mindful of my surroundings, if I continue on this path of separation in combat I'm likely to be killed.

After more travelling we arrived at the mine entrance. Smoke is seen in the distance indicating that someone is present. I did some initial scouting, scaling a nearby cliff and taking in the land. A pool of water is to the west, the mine to the north. Larien and I scout ahead. We observe two watch towers, with archers standing guard. To the west I see movement in the trees but I'm unable to distinguish what is there. Larien suggests that we send a message via her bow to our companions to move up and join us. Her shot is off and I see the anger well up in her. I quickly look away, I don't want her to know that I've seen her miss. I'm unsure what to say, so I say nothing. I begin to realize that perhaps I'm not as inexperienced as I thought. I've decided not to tell the others about Larien's miss with the bow, I don't want to erode their confidence in her.

The combat didn't unravel the way I imagined. Once again I found myself alone, this time by design. My job was to take the archer in the eastern tower down. I don't know what happened with Larien, but apparently she saw goblins and an ancient blood feud took over. Either way it's irrelevant as we were victorious.

I fired my crossbow at the archer and quickly hid amongst the rocks and trees. Unfortunately, I didn't kill him and he raised a general alarm. I moved forward deftly, seeing my target had taken cover in the tower. I aimed, squeezed the trigger and was rewarded with the archer falling from his perch. One foe down, time to move forward. I scaled the rocks and looked down at the camp, a human and an elf were off in the distance. I figured I could move around and get behind them, using some structures as cover. Before I could move into position I was ambushed by a goblin. I still can't believe I let one of those dirty bastards sneak up on me. Ogre's blood I was mad! I attempted to feint him, but he read my intentions. Fortunately, Olladra cursed with a weak sword arm. Once again, I feinted him then called upon my reserves to strike him. I felt my dagger sink into the exposed flesh under his ribs, a look of panic in its beady eyes. He swung at me, but I riposted his strike cutting tendons in his arm. I could tell his spirit was broken and as he turned to flee I planted my dagger into the base of his neck and watched him die. My movements were cold and calculated. It reminded me of my encounter with Mikal.

Two foes down, solo. It wasn't without sacrifice, I was sorely wounded and in dire need of healing if I was going to continue. Fortunately, I saw Del ahead of me. I quickly covered the ground between us and shouted for aid. Del called on the inner reserves that the Flame blesses him with and I felt a healing wave hit me.

The battle ended shortly afterwards. Now I await the information the others have learned from the slave Bart. I'm eager to see what challenges will await and how I will fare. I must make an effort to work closer with the team, I feel if I keep pushing the envelope, eventually my luck won't hold. Until then Olladra keep me and guide me.

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skallawag said...

Nice, I love these journals! Good writeup Neil!

As for Ethan, we all know he was looking at Larien's ass and not worried much about the off-target arrow.