Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ragnolin Dourstone

When Shekkal Korranor left to fight in the Last War he left the guild in the hands of a trusted friend: Ragnolin Dourstone.

While Ragnolin is not as spry as he once was, he is still considered one of the most formidable members of the guild - both in fighting prowess and in the respect he has garnered from the membership. Years of adventuring have bestowed a kind of wisdom and insight only experience can provide. It is this wisdom that has lead to your association as employees of the guild. He judges you as people of character and promise.

Most importantly: Ragnolin pays your wages each week.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Clifftop Adventurer's Guild

Quote from 'Sharn: City of Towers'

Clifftop Adventurers’ Guild: This district has long served as a crossroads for adventurers and soldiers of fortune. One hundred and fifty years ago, a dwarf named Shekkal Korranor established a guild for explorers and wanderers—a place where those with adventurous spirits could find good company and support. Shekkal died in the Last War, but the Clifftop Adventurers’ Guild remains. Members tend to be 2nd- to 5th-level characters with good alignments, most of whom have spent some time in Xen’drik. There is a strong rivalry between the members of the Clifftop Adventurers’ Guild and Deathsgate Explorer’s Club, and characters that join Clifftop may have to deal with Deathsgate hooligans—either in Sharn or while adventuring in the wilds.

Sharn contains two general adventurers guilds: The Clifftop Guild of Upper Dura and the Deathsgate Guild of Middle Tavick’s Landing. The guilds offer similar benefits to members, but each has a different tone; more information can be found in the descriptions of each district. To join an adventurers guild, a character must gain the approval of at least five current members, and must pay the annual dues—13 gp for Clifftop, 12 gp for Deathsgate. In exchange, he gets access to the guildhouse and the companionship of fellow adventurers. Aside from simple camaraderie, this provides the following benefits:
• While at the guildhouse, the character receives a +2 bonus on any Knowledge (dungeoneering) check or Knowledge check concerning Xen’drik.
• The guildhouse provides average accommodations for members at a cost of 5 sp/day. However, the guildhouse has the same security precautions as an upscale inn.
• The guild will store items for members. Both guilds have two voluminous vaults, one of adamantine and one of steel. If objects need to be stored for over a week, the guild charges 5 gp per object/week.
• The guild maintains lists of references for hirelings and inquisitives that have worked for guild members. As a result, if the party has connections with an adventurers guild, any hirelings they employ should be honest and reliable.

In addition, members share information and may help one another find jobs or expeditions. This is primarily a tool for the DM, who can decide if there is anyone currently staying at the guildhouse who knows anything about the party’s situation.

Old Eberron Characters

I love pulling in appearances from characters of other campaigns. With that in mind I'd like to request that each player take a moment to comment on this post. Please respond with the name, class, and general (brief) description of any previous Eberron characters you've played - even if they are dead. 8^)


This campaign is set to start in July 2008. Here are some particulars to assist the players in creating their characters.
  • 4E ruleset to be used exclusively. We'll adjust if required based on gameplay. It is our first kick at the can as they say.
  • The party should tend to be good aligned.
  • Whatever their long-term goals, the PCs are currently trying to gain membership in the Clifftop Adventurers' Guild located in Upper Dura. I'll post info on them in the next post.
  • Assume that you all work for the guild in some way. You could be a cook, a stablehand, a server, bartender, warehouse supply, etc. You can be good friends or mere aquaintenences. I leave that up to you.
  • I highly recommend you try to "round out" the party for a variety of reasons. You will run the gambit of D&D obstacles: combat (lots), info gathering, diplomacizing, traps and puzzles, etc. Besides that it will help us all get used to the new classes. 8^)
  • You will start at level 1. 4E rules suggest leveling every 10 encounters. I intend to stick with that.
  • When the new rules are available I recommend that you spend some time reading like crazy. Lots of changes in the new rules means that it will be a whole new game. We've lost some classes and gained some others. Skills and checks have changed. You get the picture.