Monday, May 19, 2008


This campaign is set to start in July 2008. Here are some particulars to assist the players in creating their characters.
  • 4E ruleset to be used exclusively. We'll adjust if required based on gameplay. It is our first kick at the can as they say.
  • The party should tend to be good aligned.
  • Whatever their long-term goals, the PCs are currently trying to gain membership in the Clifftop Adventurers' Guild located in Upper Dura. I'll post info on them in the next post.
  • Assume that you all work for the guild in some way. You could be a cook, a stablehand, a server, bartender, warehouse supply, etc. You can be good friends or mere aquaintenences. I leave that up to you.
  • I highly recommend you try to "round out" the party for a variety of reasons. You will run the gambit of D&D obstacles: combat (lots), info gathering, diplomacizing, traps and puzzles, etc. Besides that it will help us all get used to the new classes. 8^)
  • You will start at level 1. 4E rules suggest leveling every 10 encounters. I intend to stick with that.
  • When the new rules are available I recommend that you spend some time reading like crazy. Lots of changes in the new rules means that it will be a whole new game. We've lost some classes and gained some others. Skills and checks have changed. You get the picture.

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