Monday, May 19, 2008

Old Eberron Characters

I love pulling in appearances from characters of other campaigns. With that in mind I'd like to request that each player take a moment to comment on this post. Please respond with the name, class, and general (brief) description of any previous Eberron characters you've played - even if they are dead. 8^)


Neil said...

Well I only have one Eberron character, so here he is:

Jacinth d'Velderan of House Tharashk

Bard 4 / Dragonmarked Heir 3

Bio: Born in the Shadow Marches, educated in Wroat. Served House Tharashk during the war as a diplomat brokering out mercenary services for Droaam and arranging dragonshard contracts.

After the war Jacinth spent six months in Aerenal as a dipomat to the Elven nation, followed by six months in Stormreach, Xen'drik.

At the end of this time he took up a permanent teaching post at Morgrave University in Sharn. His area of focus is the Galifar Empire from formation to present, with particular interest in the last war. Jacinth was last known to be working for the Westrum family of Korranberg and is associated with the Fairhaven find.

Jacinth is intelligent, arrogant, and driven in his academic pursuits.

skallawag said...
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skallawag said...

Cruven Suvial of House Cannith

Class/Level: Artificer 7
Sex: Male
Age: 22

Hailey (sister, age 25)
Drogan (brother, age 17)

Both alive and perform duties for the house, either crafting items or something to that effect.

Just finishing off University and have set up shop in my dorm room. Have studied as an apprentice blacksmith, weaponsmith, and armorsmith between the years of 15 to 18, giving basic skills in each.

Cruven is good at what he does, and is somewhat cocky to the trade. Can bore people to death with knowlege of artificing, etc., but when it comes to interacting with the ladies -- he tends to say the wrong things.

skallawag said...


Class/Level: Artificer 3

Follower of the Lord of Blades.