Saturday, June 21, 2008

Party Leader

Sorry about the wonky formatting in the character's stat block below. I'm not really sure how/why that happened. (Jay perhaps you can fix this for me? In any case, I haven't had a chance to work on Del's background yet. I'm envisioning him as the leader or co-leader of the party. My last couple of characters we not suitable to lead the group so I'd really like to have a chance to be the group leader this time around. Of course it will totally depend on what everyone else decides they want to play. But note that I have a 16 Cha (and will continue to raise this ability at 4th and 8th level), +10 Diplomacy and +10 Insight. Does anyone else have any strong feelings about leadership?

Delian (Del) Tra'dal

Delian (Del) Tra'dal
Half-Elf Paladin
A brief history in his own words

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eberk's Backstory

Physical Description: Green eyes, red hair, receding hair line (Caesar cut). Eberk has what appears to be a dead patch of skin on his chin. This is a result of an encounter with a ghoul in Atur. Eberk withstood the life draining effects of the foul creature, but was left permanently scarred. No hair grows here and Eberk’s beard is composed of large mutton chops that he draws down to a braid on either side of his chin.

Eberk was born in the Mror Holds to a minor Dwarven clan. His mother is a cleric and his father was a blacksmith. The youngest of 4, he has 2 brothers, and 1 sister. Both brothers died in the war. One fought as a mercenary for House Deneith and was killed in Audair. The other died at the hands of the Karrns when they turned on their Dwarven allies and attacked the Mror Holds in 981. Eberk’s sister was last known to be working for House Kundark, however she has not been heard from in 10 years. Eberk, who is 15 years younger than his next sibling, idolized his brothers, and wanted to fight in the war. Instead he was apprenticed to his father and spent time in the Chapel with his mother. His parents insisted on religious training for him. Eventually, Eberk found his true calling as a Cleric of the Sovereign Host. A few years later his father passed away and Eberk worked the forge part-time while completing his education.

When the war ended Eberk approached his mother explaining that if he was truly to serve the Dwarven people and the Sovereign Host he needed to go out and travel the world. Eberk’s received his mother’s blessing and he began his travels. His mother advised him to look up his father’s brother Ragnolin if he ever visited Sharn.

On his second week outside the Holds Eberk was attacked by a squad of orcs. Eberk slew several and forced the rest to flee. At the end of the battle Eberk realized he had called upon the Sovereign Host to aid him and that he had been answered. Testament to this Eberk realized he hadn’t taken a single wound in the battle. His resolved firmed Eberk continued on his journey.

It took 3 years, but Eberk finally made it to Sharn. He found his uncle running the Clifftop Adventurer’s guild. The first thing out of Ragnolin’s mouth when he saw his nephew was “Well you’re a scrawny one, I’ll put you to work in the Chapel, as chanting prayers is likely all your good for.” Eberk was stunned, at 4’9” and 207 lbs Eberk is large for his race. Back in the Mror Holds he was known as Eberk ‘Thunderstep’ Dourskin. However, Eberk accepted this assignment with the same grace and patience as when his parents sent him to study as a Cleric. Knowing that sooner or later he’d have an opportunity to prove his worth.

As Eberk left his uncle’s office Ragnolin leaned back in his livewood chair. So this was Gaunter’s youngest he mused. Might be he’s the best of the lot.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clifftop Guild Map

This is your current place of employment and where the campaign will being. Enjoy.

Sterling's Backstory

Sterling was forged for war.

Sterling was forged at Whitehearth in the Spring of 980 YK.  He was among the first units to have Mithril alloys included in their plating.  Owing to its light weight and flexibility Mithril alloys were shortly afterwards used primarily in units designed for scouting and stealth.

Due to his armors appearance Sterling's superiors often thought that he was designed for stealth and he was occasionally sent out on scouting and reconnaissance missions which often proved disastrous for him and his unit.  Sterling found difficulty among the front line warforged as well, as Adamantine alloys were most commonly used for these units, and he was not as durable as the job demanded.  

Sterling was rendered inert many times during the last war.  The first time was during a reconnaissance of the Brelish border while Sterling was a soldier of Cyre.  Sterling was attached to a small unit of skirmishers that patrolled the Brelish border of Cyre.  On this particular occasion his unit was shadowing the movements of Argonth as the mobile fortress moved along the border when they were spotted by a scout on a hippogriff that alerted some  Brelish ground units that were nearby.  Sterling's inability to move stealthfully actually helped the rest of his small band of scouts to evade capture as Sterling was sent off as a diversion while the rest of the unit went off in a different direction.

Sterling was incapacitated brought back to Argonth where he was repaired and eventually worked into a Brelish unit.  This time he was commissioned as a common foot soldier and sent to fight his former nation.  He was rendered inert twice during an extended campaign before he was assigned to the personal guard of a Brelish General.  It's here Sterling's strengths of flexibility and strength were best put to use.

Sterling served under the General for more than 8 years.  Sterling watched and learned how soldiers respond to strength of character and to firm command in the heat of battle, and how the efforts of individual soldiers can make large differences in the outcome of any particular battle.  The intersection of tactics and strategy fascinated Sterling and he became as much a student of the General as a guard.

The General was fighting in Cyre on the Day of Mourning but was grievously injured by a snipers arrow early in the morning.  Sterling and another warforged were acting as stretcher bearers carrying the wounded General back to Argonth when the Mourning happened.  

After Sterling was released from the military he sought out the General he had served under for so many years.  The General was living back on his families farmstead in the rural part of Breland near Vathirond.  Unfortunately he had no need of Sterling's talents after the war, and even Sterling's presence there made him feel uneasy, as if the war wasn't over.  He requested Sterling leave him be and he suggested Sterling look for guard work, perhaps in Sharn.

Unsure what to do with himself, Sterling considered heading into the Mournland, however, he decided to take his former mentor's advice and he headed for Sharn.

Sterling has held a number of protection jobs in Sharn since arriving over a year ago.  He feels that there is a greater calling for him in the world and after a discussion with a warforged named Blu at the Red Hammer Inn Sterling has decided to try and join the ranks of the Clifftop Adventurer's Guild.  He's made some inroads towards this goal as he is now working security detail for the guildhall.  Although it's an entry level position, he's confident he can prove himself worthy to join in on some excursion soon.


Warforged Warlord - Level 6

Init +4 = +1[Dex] +3[Level Adjustment]

STR 17 +3
CON 14 +2
DEX 12 +1
INT 17 +3
WIS 10
CHA 12 +1

Hipoints = 51
Bloodied = 25
Healing Surge = 12
Surges/Day = 9

AC = 20 = 10 +3[Hide] +1[Shield] +3[INT] +3[Level Adjustment]
Fort = 17 = 10 +3[STR] +1[Class] +2[Level Adjustment]
Ref = 17 = 10 +3[INT] +1[Shield] +2[Level Adjustment]
Will = 16 = 10 +1[CHA] +1[Class] +1[Racial] +2[Level Adjustment]

Arcana +6, Athletics +10, Bluff +4, Diplomacy +4, Endurance +11, History +11, Intimidate +11, Religion +6, Streetwise +4

Race Features:
  • +2 STR, +2 CON
  • +2 Endurance, +2 Intimidate
  • +2 Saving throws against effects that cause ongoing damage
  • Warforged Mind: +1 Will defence
  • Warforged Resolve: Encounter - Healing - Minor Action - Personal: Gain 10 temporary hitpoints; Make immediate save against one effect that causes ongoing damage; If bloodied regain 5 hitpoints

Class Features:

  • Combat Leader: You and each ally who can see and hear you within 10 squares gets +2 initiative
  • Tactical Presence: Allies you can see get +1 to attack when using an action point to make an attack
  • Inspiring Word: 2x/Encounter - Martial,Healing - Minor Action - Close Burst 5: You or one ally in burst can spend a healing surge and regain additional +2d6 hitpoints


  • Improved Warforged Resolve [Warforged]: Gain additional 5 temporary hitpoints when you use Warforged Resolve
  • Immutability [Warforged]: When you use Warforged Resolve, you make a free saving throw against one condition or ongoing damage effect affecting you.
  • Tactical Assualt [Warlord]: When an ally who can see you spends an action point to make an attack, the attack's damage roll gains a +3 bonus.

At-Will Powers

  • Commander's Strike
  • Opening Shove

Encounter Powers

  • Warlord's Favor
  • Steel Monsoon
  • Knight's Move
  • Rousing Words

Daily Powers

  • Lead the Attack
  • Stand the Fallen

Attack: +1 Flaming Longsword +10, d8+4 (Normal or Fire Damage), +1d6 fire damage on critical, Daily Power: +1d6 fire damage on hit plus ongoing 5 fire damage, Versatile

Attack: Hand Crossbow +6, d6+1, Load Free