Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eberk's Backstory

Physical Description: Green eyes, red hair, receding hair line (Caesar cut). Eberk has what appears to be a dead patch of skin on his chin. This is a result of an encounter with a ghoul in Atur. Eberk withstood the life draining effects of the foul creature, but was left permanently scarred. No hair grows here and Eberk’s beard is composed of large mutton chops that he draws down to a braid on either side of his chin.

Eberk was born in the Mror Holds to a minor Dwarven clan. His mother is a cleric and his father was a blacksmith. The youngest of 4, he has 2 brothers, and 1 sister. Both brothers died in the war. One fought as a mercenary for House Deneith and was killed in Audair. The other died at the hands of the Karrns when they turned on their Dwarven allies and attacked the Mror Holds in 981. Eberk’s sister was last known to be working for House Kundark, however she has not been heard from in 10 years. Eberk, who is 15 years younger than his next sibling, idolized his brothers, and wanted to fight in the war. Instead he was apprenticed to his father and spent time in the Chapel with his mother. His parents insisted on religious training for him. Eventually, Eberk found his true calling as a Cleric of the Sovereign Host. A few years later his father passed away and Eberk worked the forge part-time while completing his education.

When the war ended Eberk approached his mother explaining that if he was truly to serve the Dwarven people and the Sovereign Host he needed to go out and travel the world. Eberk’s received his mother’s blessing and he began his travels. His mother advised him to look up his father’s brother Ragnolin if he ever visited Sharn.

On his second week outside the Holds Eberk was attacked by a squad of orcs. Eberk slew several and forced the rest to flee. At the end of the battle Eberk realized he had called upon the Sovereign Host to aid him and that he had been answered. Testament to this Eberk realized he hadn’t taken a single wound in the battle. His resolved firmed Eberk continued on his journey.

It took 3 years, but Eberk finally made it to Sharn. He found his uncle running the Clifftop Adventurer’s guild. The first thing out of Ragnolin’s mouth when he saw his nephew was “Well you’re a scrawny one, I’ll put you to work in the Chapel, as chanting prayers is likely all your good for.” Eberk was stunned, at 4’9” and 207 lbs Eberk is large for his race. Back in the Mror Holds he was known as Eberk ‘Thunderstep’ Dourskin. However, Eberk accepted this assignment with the same grace and patience as when his parents sent him to study as a Cleric. Knowing that sooner or later he’d have an opportunity to prove his worth.

As Eberk left his uncle’s office Ragnolin leaned back in his livewood chair. So this was Gaunter’s youngest he mused. Might be he’s the best of the lot.


Jay Vandendool said...


Well done. Nephew eh? I think I can work with that. "Don't expect preferential treatment though boy! Get to work!"

Neil said...

I was going to make him Eberk's father's cousin, but thought nah... His dad had a big family, lots of siblings. No preferential treatment required.

If the relationship is too close, let me know, not like the whole backstory hinges on that.