Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nenia's Background

When I close my eyes and sleep, I dream of another world. I dream of another place.
I feel like I am fourteen again.
I have a mother and a different father.
I also have a brother.

When I wake up, all I know is my father, Maximillion.

Father, a senior member of the Order, had raised me within the Esteric Order of Aureon. My father has told me that I have an extraordinary gift for magic. Apparently I was performing parlour tricks since I was a toddler, but for that I have no memory. I ask my father why don't I remember growing up and why don't I remeber my mother. He tells me that I was put throught a test by the Order at an early age and it had a profound affect on my memory. The healers have told me that they belive that my brain does not want me to remember the tortures I was put through in the test.

I have always felt out of place. I always felt that I do not belong.

My father and Ragnolin are acquantiances and my father would often recommend some of his pupils to expand their use of the magic arts by participating in adveutres organized the Clifftop Adventuer's Guild. I had requested to join the Guild to experience life outside of the Order. There was this pent up urge I needed to fulfill, and I didn't think the Order was where I needed to be.

I told my father of my decision, and the sheer disapproval from my father had my soul in knots. As I left the Order he had told me "You will be back. You will carry on my legacy." To this day, I'm very afraid of what he had said. It was cold -- very cold -- even evil in a way.

On the morning after my 18th birthday, I set forth under the guidance of Ragnolin and the further adventures that are in store.

When I close my eyes and sleep, I dream of another world. I dream of another place. In my heart's heart, I know I have made the right choice.


Neil said...


Well written, I look forward to Nenia discovering her past.

Celestial Bison said...

Cool background.

Jay Vandendool said...

Thanks Cary. Now I have something to work with.