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Small City, Population 12,800

(most info from Five Nations book)
The modern city of Xandrar, built on the eastern bank of the Silver River where the waters of Silver Lake pour into Lake Galifar, takes its name from the much older Dhakanni city of Xandrar, whose ruins occupy the western riverbank and several miles of the lakeshore. The thriving city is Breeland's gateway for trade with the Eldeen Reaches, and small barges ply the lake, providing ties to Aundair as well. Since Eldeen and Aundair were openly at war for most of the last century, Xandrar became a key link for what little trade the two nations could not avoid.
Mayor Garrit Tomraan governs the city, but Countess Yassic ir'Oeskai provides the city watch and administers the surrounding lands. The countess spends most of her time at her mansion within the city rather than at Drum Keep, the primary garrison of her holdings. She and Garrit hold wildy different opinions on the "Swords of Liberty problem" that has infested the region in recent months, but generally manage to work together to keep the city from being burned to the ground.

Yassiv has some sympathy for the goals of the Swords of Liberty, and rumours persist that she once adventured with Red Owl, the legendary leader of the area's Swords of Liberty cell. Garrit meanwhile, has no patience for the destructive tactics of the Swords and the suffering Red Owl has personally brought to innocents while trying to strike out against the monarchy.

The Liberty Palace, the headquarters of Red Owl spoken of in whispers throughout the region, is said to be located in Xandrar.

Lakeview Information

Lakeview is a remote village that lies about halfway between Sylbaran and Greenblade several miles inland from the shores of Silver Lake. Since it lies a few miles from the nearest Orien Trade Route, the population of the village normally remained very low – only 41 people plus the surrounding farms - but has recently mushroomed to 352.

Lakeview’s most prominent building is the mill that lies on the banks of the river Twyne. Standing three stories, it is the only structure in town built completely of stone. Just south of the town is the Lake of Plenty, so named for its bountiful amounts of fish that are taken each summer. The small lake is fed by an underwater spring; its waters are a clear blue crystal. The lake flows into the river Twyne, which flows narrow but deep in a northerly direction.

North West of town is what the villager’s refer to as Gabriel’s Wood, a forest of some size. The ancient trees of the forest seemingly stand on guard over the quaint village. It is, in fact, the beginnings of the vast woods of the Eldeen Reaches.

Within the forest lies resides the great druid Malyana. Her grove is a place of tranquility where all villagers are welcome. The forest is also home to other forest creatures, such as nymphs and dryads.

Three days or more ride to the west of town are the Talasian foothills which then lead into the Byeshk Mountains.

The world beyond Lakeview goes by without giving a thought to the sleepy little village and those who live within the town have little enough reason to leave. Life in the village required hard work had always been good.

That all changed 8 months ago when a former resident returned to town. With her great power she quickly took the people of Lakeview under her protection and turned the sleepy town into a hub of trade almost overnight. Ore flows from the mountains to the west and - quite surprisingly – with the local druid’s blessings, limited lumber is taken from approved locations within the forest.

Notable NPCS
Malyana – Druid
Malyana has been the druid of Gabriel’s Wood for as long as any of the PCs can remember. She is a kind woman who invites the villagers to learn more about the faith of Ehlonna. She also serves as a counsellor to the village and is good friends with its cleric Rogar.

Rogar – Cleric
Rogar is a cleric of Ehlonna. A follower of the nature deity. He is good friends with the druid Malyana. He first came to the village about 25 years ago. The villagers consider him to be highly favoured by his deity for they have never known a bad harvest since he arrived.

Deanton – Fighter
Deanton is one of the toughest men in town. He fought in a war approx 25 – 30 years ago. He left as a young man and returned, a competent fighter able to help the village ward off any goblinoid attacks. He has never once spoken of his experience during the war. Deanton has a permanent room in the Tailchasers Inn.

Dean Thomas – Mayor
Dean is the Mayor of Lakeview. He first ran for the mayorship 20 years ago and won. Since then no one has run against him. Not because they are afraid of him, but because he does a good job and no one else wants the job. His primary duties are to ensure that the village does well when it trades with the caravans that occasionally come through. A robust fellow, Dean fully enjoys the finer pleasures in life.

Alkraine Il’tansil – Sage
Alkraine has been a figure in the village for the past 50 years. A wizard of some note, he now spends the majority of his time reading any old texts he hasn’t yet gotten too. A repository of knowledge, most of which he has forgotten. A highlight of village life is listening to Alkraine tell a story of the ancients over a mug of ale at the ‘Tailchasers Inn’.

Notable Locations
Tailchasers Inn – The oldest local inn and tavern for the town. Not many use it as an Inn, but in the old days it saw more traffic. It is now a gathering point for the villagers. Megan Bransor is the proprietor of the Inn, having run it since her husband passed on 8 years ago. She keeps the inn in perfect condition; all the beds are made and ready for guests. Megan figures while there might not be much need for the rooms now, she’d best be ready for the day people do come.

Ye Olde Cold Iron Shoppe – The blacksmiths shop.
Old Jaeck can make just about anything you need. From hammers to nails and horseshoes. He’s even been known to make the odd weapon or piece of armour.

The Wharf – Before the population boom there were only two boats docked at the wharf. There was only one fisherman though. Omar keeps talking about how one day he’ll be needing to hire another captain to take the other vessel out. Oh yes, business will be good one day.

Other locations – School, general store, mill, butcher, baker, sage’s home, temple.

Statistical Information about Lakeview
97% of the town population is human
1% is half-orc
1% is half-elf
1% is other

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Delian’s Letters

21 Eyre, 999 YK

Greetings, Father Tana

So many things have happened since I left Sharn. I don’t think a letter is the proper way to share many of these experiences, but I wanted to write you nonetheless.

You will be pleased to learn that our journey brought us to Flamekeep for a short time. While there I presented your requests to the Council of the Flame as you asked. I don’t know if they will take them seriously or not, but the fact that they weren’t dismissed out of hand is a positive sign.

While in Flamekeep a woman named Halinna introduced herself to me as Liola’s aunt. She was a very pleasant lady and excited to hear first-hand news of Coldflame Keep. I told her about Liola’s progress and she wanted me to thank you for being such a good teacher and mentor to her niece.

Father Tana, I want tell you about a strange set of circumstances which led me to a wonderful discovery of faith.

My companions and I rescued a fallen Paladin of the Silver Flame. He had become possessed by a demonic force. I am very glad to tell you that we were able to free his mind without killing him. But he carries a tremendous burden of guilt because of the atrocities he committed while possessed.

Since freeing his mind, I have worked with this man. He has a good heart I am saddened when he tells me he cannot feel the Flame burning within him. Through lengthy discussions and prayers we have successfully reignited his devotion to the Silver Flame, but we both know it will be a long time before he feels it burning as brightly in his soul as it once did.

My part in his release and redemption has allowed me to feel the warmth of the Silver Flame in a different and very satisfying way. It has renewed and strengthened my resolve to the Flame. My heart and mind look at things differently and with more clarity. It is similar to the way I felt when the Silver Flame first touched my spirit. I believe it is trying to show me a path, a path that my life can take in service to the Silver Flame. I am excited and quite curious as to where this path might lead.

We will discuss this more when next I return to Sharn. Unfortunately at this point I don’t know when that might be. Until then, may the Flame keep you safe.