Thursday, November 6, 2008

A little experiment...

One night while the party was resting, I was up going through my ritual book in hopes that I might find something useful while in the dungeon. It was curious to hear Ethan talking in his sleep. I didn't think much of it up until he had said the words, "Larien! No!" Ethan had then quickly awoke from his sleep and looked me directly in the eyes. I quickly turned my gaze away and looked back at my book and when I turned back to look at Ethan, he was fast asleep again. Curious that he mentions that blonde elf that worked in the guildhouse for a little while.

This had given me an idea and while our group was resting. I quietly whispered in everyone's ears the words, "Be mindful of Nenia. Make sure she can cast her spells. Don't get in her way." I had read somewhere that the power of the subliminal mind was there to be harnessed, but so far my little experiment has not gone as planned. Battle after battle today, Ethan is tumbling about, Braddoc is always charging in and Delian uses his holy symbol to get in everyone's face.

Sooner or later, the message will sink in. I believe.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Joy of Combat

Finally, we've begun to explore the dungeon again. Spending the night in that room was nerve racking. It was impossible to get comfortable and to truly rest. We've decided to remain on this floor for now before we climb deeper into this dungeon.

Upon opening one of the other doors in the atrium a hobgoblin jumped awake, ran and sounded the alarm. He screamed in goblin "Wake up, the bad people are here!" Seizing the opportunity I blindly moved around the corner drew a dagger and hurled it at a hobgoblin dropping the foul creature. The others had no choice but to follow my lead.

The battle went smoothly, Nibbler found the soft points of my enemies, making easy work of them. Mid-battle a set of doors opened and a pair of dirty goblin archers took aim at us. Tower spit, but I hate goblins. They seemed to have a particular hatred for Braddoc as he took the brunt of their arrows. As the battle turned in our favour a hobgoblin shouted to the goblins to raise gather reinforcements. I quickly moved to intercept the goblins, they weren't going for help without putting up a fight.

I throw myself at them, tumbling at the last moment to put my self behind them and perilously close to a gaping pit. One of the goblins got wise a tried to knock me into it. Six take him! Olladra was with me though, and I caught myself at the edge. Nenia then fired off her magic at the wretches, dazing one of them. I promptly jumped up and ended him. By that time Braddoc had joined me and finished the remaining goblin off!

Ogre's eye's it was a good fight! I felt my blood rush like never before. I felt strong and powerful. Dispatching my foe's with hardly a second thought. Nibbler danced and spun, drawing blood from my foes. It really was all too easy. As the rush of the battle fades from me, I realize I enjoyed it. I delighted in the death of these goblins. Everything else fell to the background as I threw myself into the frenzy. This is what it's like to have power, to be able to take from others. To extinguish their lives without a second thought. The idea delights me, just as it terrifies me.