Thursday, November 6, 2008

A little experiment...

One night while the party was resting, I was up going through my ritual book in hopes that I might find something useful while in the dungeon. It was curious to hear Ethan talking in his sleep. I didn't think much of it up until he had said the words, "Larien! No!" Ethan had then quickly awoke from his sleep and looked me directly in the eyes. I quickly turned my gaze away and looked back at my book and when I turned back to look at Ethan, he was fast asleep again. Curious that he mentions that blonde elf that worked in the guildhouse for a little while.

This had given me an idea and while our group was resting. I quietly whispered in everyone's ears the words, "Be mindful of Nenia. Make sure she can cast her spells. Don't get in her way." I had read somewhere that the power of the subliminal mind was there to be harnessed, but so far my little experiment has not gone as planned. Battle after battle today, Ethan is tumbling about, Braddoc is always charging in and Delian uses his holy symbol to get in everyone's face.

Sooner or later, the message will sink in. I believe.


Jay Vandendool said...

Hahahahah! Perhaps there is going to be a little crispy party one of these days?

Neil said...

Hehe... nice post! I'm waiting for the post that talks about how Nenial is always blasting the party with her magic.