Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recap #7 - Griffins and Goblins and Spears! Oh my!

  • Party summoned by Councilman Eoffram Troyas
  • Offers information and assistance but party needed to prove themselves trustworthy
  • Successfully earn respect and trust
  • Offered reward for rescuing captives and securing return of valuable heirlooms of the town
  • Party agrees. Rests while preparations are made for them. (25 Aryth)
  • Left Delver’s Dale to follow trail of hobgoblins to ruins of a castle located a few days ride from the town.
  • Trail relatively easy to follow.
  • Travel for 3 days (28 Aryth)
  • Attacked by griffins. Kill and drive off attack. Notice egg up on cliff face but decide to leave – for now.
  • Find ruins. Nothing found in ruins themselves but outside in cliff face they find entrance to old crypt that seems to be recently used.
  • Party descends stairs and is greeted by 2 goblins firing hand crossbows and 4 wielding heavy shields with flails.
  • Two sharpshooters eventually try to flee. One is slain and the other is captured.
  • Bodies piled by door. Goblin interrogated. Seems more scared of someone named Sinruth than of the party. Very little information learned as goblin spent most of his time performing duties near the entrance.
  • Jonathan promises no harm will befall him and he would be freed but Ethan clunked the goblin hard and knocked him out.
  • Not sure which was to go, the party headed through the East doors. The hallway turned North up a stairs into a room with glowing symbols on the floor.
  • Ethan moved into the room, spotted nothing out of sorts and checked out some doors to the East. When he opened the door he was swarmed by an ambush!
    Needlefang drakes and Gnome skulks sprang from the debris laden alcoves in the walls and two hobgoblin archers through the doors open to assault the party with arrows.
    As the tide turned in favour of the PCs, the hobgoblins slammed the doors closed and retreated down hall.
  • Jonathon follows and inadvertently trips a spear trap. To his horror his blundering also causes spear to thrust from the floor and skewer a dwarf chained to the far wall.
  • Holy rage fills Jonathon and he slams into the nearest hobgoblin with such force that it is knocked flying.
  • As he is battling with his enemy the other party member round the corner to assist. Despite warnings, Delian blunders into the trip plate again and inflicts more damage to the dwarf on the wall. It nearly finished the dwarf.
  • A short battle and the hobgoblins are dispatched. The Dwarf is rescued and the party learns they have rescued their first hostage – a surly dwarf named Adronsius.
  • The dwarf describes the path to Mirtala – as he was blindfolded.
  • The party rests.
  • During the night, Jonathon holds true to his word as he sneaks out and frees the goblins bound by the front door.

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