Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adventuring Company Name

Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone had any idea's for a name for the party. Being we are a group that works out of a guild I thought it might be appropriate.

Looking back to older campaigns;

The Forest Game (epic game): We were members of the King's Own, known as the 'Ghosts'

Derek's Eberron game: While we didn't have an offical party name I think 'The Train Wreck' would work.

I'll be honest in that I don't have any idea's at this point. There hasn't been a moment that jumps out and makes me say "That's who we are." However, maybe one of you has had such a thought.

Just thought I would toss the idea out there.


Cave2626 said...

Here's what came to mind.

We need something that sounds cool and can have an interesting and unique symbol.

How about the Silver Diamonds. It covers everything the party stands for. The silver is for the Silver Flame, the diamond is the symbol of the Sovereign Host (more or less), and both silver and diamonds represent wealth and treasure.

Think about it and let me know if you have strong feelings one way or the other.

Dave said...

I was thinking more of Braddoc's Biatchez.... :P

Curtis said...

I'm not sure two religions would want to see their symbolism mixed.

If we choose a name, avoiding religious symbolism might be the way to go as a name embodying the symbolism of any religion would lead people to make conclusions regarding our group which could be erroneus.

I'd like something using the word Moxie. Look it up using and the thesaurus function too.

Moxie Company(Squad, Platoon, Gang)
Righteous Moxie
Clifftop's Moxie

Neil said...

Moxie has a cool definition, but it doesn't sound very cool. We need something that has some real muscle to it.

skallawag said...

"The Clifftop Hardihood"
"Spellunking Hardihood" (haha)

The less religious the better in Nenia's opinion.

Dave said...

Fate's Hammer?
The Hands of Destiny?

Cave2626 said...

I think you guys are missing the point I was trying to make. I wasn't saying that the name "Silver Diamonds" was chosen to make the religious characters in the party happy. It was just a coincidence that it worked out that way. If the proposed name was “Black Diamonds” how would the conversation play out?

I don’t want the company name to have anything to do with the Clifftop Adventurers Guild. They are an entity unto themselves, and so are we. Yes we began our career under their employ, but I don’t think they’d want us to leech off their name. Our successes (and failures) should be our own and not clouded by an already well established group.

The way I came up with the original name was to a) pick a colour and b) a symbol. I was shooting for something subtle that all the characters could agree on. If the PCs don’t want to try and come up with something that represents everyone (which I agree will be very difficult) then lets go for something totally arbitrary.

Look at the Dragonmarked Houses. Most of them have monsters as their symbol. We could go that way too. Find a monster that looks tough and has a cool sounding name, and then we come up with some variant on that.

Part of the idea behind the name is to instill awe, respect, and fear. We want the symbol and the name to precede us. And we want to gain some recognition when people see the party symbol on us. Whether it’s painted on a shield, worn around your neck on a pendant, or tattooed on your arm it needs to make a statement about the party as a whole and about the PCs individually.

Jay Vandendool said...

Actually you are still working for the Guild at the moment. Even though your current mission expanded by your own choice, your main goal was to get Kartenix becuase he had information regarding the item that was stolen by the Tiefling Warlock.

Not that all that should affect a group name should you decide to take one.

Neil said...

I like Black Diamonds, reminds me of The Black Company, which is a good book.

How about:

Phoenix Rising
Fate's Flames
Fate's Blades
Ethan's Crew
Righteous Blades
Sterling's Resolve
The Harbingers
Braddoc's Drunk, Again
Fate's Omen
Delian's Dainties
Flame Blades
Nenia's Nether-region
The Overlords

Jay Vandendool said...


Dave said...

Braddoc's Drunk, Again <---- Win

skallawag said...

Neil, you omitted Nenia's Nincompoops.