Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Delian Tra'dal – A brief history in his own words

My Mantra

Some people see the world as black and white. Others see it as shades of gray. What most people don’t realize is that the shades of gray are actually shades of silver. And all those shades are found in the Silver Flame.

My Father

My father, Zhaff (called Jeff by most), is the owner and proprietor of the Drowsy Sage Teahouse in Sigilstar. My father is a people-person in every sense imaginable. He has a positive attitude, a boyish face, and a memorable smile. He knows how to relate to people and he knows how to tell a good story (even though many of the facts continue to get exaggerated in the retelling).

In a city and country predominantly Human, it made perfect sense that my father would have many half-elven friends. The half-elves of Sigilstar took great pride in their heritage and often did things as a collective. So it puzzled me for many years that a few of my father’s closest friends, men and women who visited often, did what they could to keep their identities and even their presence shrouded from the half-elves of my community. It wasn’t until recently that I learned what dragonmarks looked like that I remembered seeing these magical tattoos on the arms, necks, and legs of many of these mystery guests. I know for certain that my father has no such mark on his body, and I often wonder about the exact nature of his relationship with House Medani.

My Mother

My mother, Drianna, was a great warrior who defended Thrane during the war. She wasn’t originally from Thrane, but settled down in Sigilstar when here injuries forced her to take some down-time. I’ve often wondered if her decision to settle down and have a family should be seen as the noble sacrifice or an act of cowardice. She deprived Thrane of her sword when it needed strong warriors, but by settling down and bearing a son, Thrane has me to defender her through the next generation. My opinion on this is clearly not a black and white issue. I never knew my mother as she died during child-birth. But I know that she was from Breland (Wroat, so I’m told) and that she was a fierce warrior. I learned to use the hand-and-a-half sword as a tribute to her legacy.

My Childhood

My father raised me and in many ways I am just like him. If the Silver Flame hadn’t called to me, I have no doubt that I would still be working right beside him. I get along very well with people and thrive in public settings. Working in my father’s Teahouse gave me plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with a wide variety of people over the years. Although I’m small, even by half-elven standards, people quickly look past that and focus on my smile and charm.

My Calling

I was 14 when I first felt the presence of the Silver Flame. It was the same day that a group of teenagers from Flamekeep taunted and teased me for no other reason than I was not human. Up until that day I had unknowingly lead a somewhat sheltered existence, thanks mostly to the fact that my father was known and well liked by many in the community. But these kids beat me and ridiculed me for being impure and none of the passers-by felt the need to stop it. Eventually my tormentors stopped, but it was that day that I learned of the bigotry in the hearts of my fellow countrymen. That evening I dreamt of the Silver Flame becoming part of me and giving me the strength and understanding to forgive those who bade me such ill will. When I awoke, much to my surprise, the warmth of the Silver Flame was still inside of me. Form that day it has been a part of me.

I explained to my father that the Silver Flame had become a part of me and he encouraged me to travel to Flamekeep and learn more about it. During my time in Flamekeep I was taught about the history of the Silver Flame and its place in the world. I was taught to fight and become a warrior in the name of the Silver Flame.

On the Day of Mourning, mere days before I was to be sent to Cyre to fight for Thrane, I had another dream of the Silver Flame. It opened my eyes to the true meaning behind my original vision. The Silver Flame was not trying to teach me to forgive my tormentors. It was not teaching me to be passive. It was helping me understand that victory comes through patience, planning, and thinking. If I had tried to take revenge on those bullies when I was 14, I would have failed. But by learning how to fight and how to think, I was now better prepared to succeed in future conflicts.

This revelation forced me to reexamine my outlook on many things. I was no longer willing to accept anything on blind faith. And it was in the months to come that I witnessed first-hand the corruption within Flamekeep covered behind the veil of the Church of the Silver Flame. It was also during this time that being half-elven in a nation predominantly human taught me a lot about tolerance and prejudice. The world was changing quickly and I felt the need to change with it.

My Current Situation

I left Flamekeep determined to go where real change was happening every day. I traveled by lightning rail to Sharn and arrived with only a few coins in my pocket. I needed to learn about this city, this country, and the many different people who call Sharn home. The best way to do this was to rely on the skills I learned from my father. I looked for a place where people gathered to eat, drink, and trade stories. But I needed more than just a tavern. I needed a place where the seeds of adventure can grow and where I feel the Silver Flame can let me do the most good.

I've met a dwarf named Shekkal Korranor who seems impressed with my knowledge of rare teas. He's offered me a job waiting tables in the Clifftop Adventurer’s Guildhouse. I've never seen or met such a wide variety of people. This seems to be as good a place as any to get to know what the world is really like.

Character Sheet


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