Friday, July 11, 2008

Ethan's Habit's & Observations

Working the early shift has some serious upsides. The streets are deserted when I head to work, which is a plus when you consider the distance I need to walk. Getting from Lower Menthis to Upper Dura takes some time. I move fast, sticking to the shadows, back alley's and where they exist the roofs. Lower Menthis is pretty dangerous and as it takes about an hour of solid hustling to get to work. I'm moving in the dead of night. Not that Sharn truly sleeps, but let's be honest. The last thing I need to be is dead in an alley. Even in Upper Dura I keep to the shadows, don't want the guard harassing me.

I try to arrive to work about an hour early. I use the time to train. The stables have lots of bars to hang from and practice my acrobatics. If I'm going to have a shot in hell at qualifying for the Wroat Annual Competition I need this time and more if I can get it. After that it's work, clean the stables, unload the ships. It's rather repetitive, but I'm good at it. I keep the area clean and organized. No time for slacking, I can't afford to loose the job. I work late, much longer than the 10 hour shift demands. Guess it just feels right and I don't want to be replaced.

The Guild is full of characters as is to be expected. I know there are several others like me, hoping to make it into full membership. Sterling the guard comes to mind. Boy is that forged aptly named, he practically glows. It's odd, but every once in awhile I see him looking at me. It's like he can see right into me. Creepy, yet when I notice and meet his gaze he just nods. Del is another one. He's a follower of the Flame, I don't know much about it, except he's out to do good. Which is alright I suppose. It's funny, he keeps trying to talk to me. Which is weird, I haven't figured out if he's trying to convert me or be a friend. I've never had much use for friends, I'll have to figure him out. Jon's more my speed as a holy guy, he follows the host. Word is he grew up with a clan of dwarfs which has got to be odd. He's alright, and I'll have to talk to him more about Olladara. Maybe he can help enlighten my path. Now Larien, wow, she's a looker. Carries herself proud too. Must be the elven blood. I think I'll keep clear of her for now though. Can't imagine she'd want much to do with one of my status.

After work I maybe have the odd drink in the pub. See if I can pick up on any rumours, maybe grab the odd delivery job to supplement the income. I've managed to put some coin away since gaining this job, but it still isn't much. Can't afford to replace my armour so it's still patchwork and odd parts. Heck it works though. The rest of my equipment is about the same. Bits and pieces that I've picked up here and there. I try to keep it in working order, but truth be told I can't afford the tools to do that. Not that I really know how to use them either.

So that's me in a nutshell. I tend to be a loner, self sufficient. I haven't had much need of anyone in life so far and don't know that things will change much in the future.

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Neil said...

Some OOC comments and obersvations:

Ethan is usually always wearing his leather armour. He doesn't own much other clothing so it practically doubles as clothing for him. Because of working in the stables, he usually stinks. He is poor, dirt poor. Most people don't look twice at him. Heck most people don't look once at him. He's the kind of guy that most people give a wide birth to when they pass him on the street because they don't want whatever disease they think he has. He looks poor.

Ethan keeps his daggers on his person. One in each boot, one strapped to his left forearem, one strapped to his right thigh, two on his belt. His hand crossbow also hangs at his waist with the bolts in a case on his back.

Because of where he lives and the time that he is travelling through the city he always wears his armour, carries his weapons and possessions. If Ethan were to return home and find the place burnt down he wouldn't be too upset. It's just a place to sleep, he'll find another. He also doesn't trust his neighbourhood, prefering to keep his meager possessions safe on his person. He stores his pack and crossbow on a rafter in the stable at the guildhouse. Due to his appearance and more importantly his perception of what others think of him he doesn't often venture into the main area of the guild hall.

Physical description: Ethan has the physique of a gymnast. He has very low body fat, with a 19 dex, and 15 strength he is strong and the muscle shows. He is 5'10 and weighs in at 163lbs. He has long brown hair, just past the shoulder. Think of Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chilli Peppers vocalist), that's the hair length and the body type I'm thinking of, just no tattoo's.