Monday, July 7, 2008

Larien Felagund - Background

When I was born, the Keepers of the Past had proclaimed from the signs that my patron ancestor was Rolen Varalos, and that he would be my guide through life and beyond. Rolen Varalos, a legendary archer, was key in the Dhakaani-Tairn War as he singlehandedly turned the tide of a battle with his bow. His most renown battles were during the defense against the Dhakaani Kech Volaar clan. Rolen valiantly fought on the front lines, maiming and killing several hundred Dhakaani in defense of his homeland – up until the attack of the dragons. He fearlessly fought and was slain by a one-eyed dragon, a dragon which he had fought previously and had deftly shot in one of its two good eyes.

Through the years I have lived my life as a warrior. I know not where my blood family is. I vaguely remember their faces. My first charge is to my patron ancestor, and next to my warband. My blood family has almost been forgotten.
I am a warrior.

The only friend on my journey is my bow.

I cannot heal.

I cannot cast spells.

I cannot pray to the gods and have them answered.

Death is my business.

Be it your death, or be it mine.

Should our weapons cross and our wills collide, may the better warrior win.
I took leave of my military warband, Amap'Ceo, in order to follow my patron ancestor's guidance to achieve greatness in this world through battles and adventure. I find myself in Sharn at the Clifftop Adventurers' Guild, waking up for the early shift to bake bread and then to assist with meals in the Guildhouse at breakfast. I make acquaintances quickly and easily. Being a woman breaks down some barriers easily put up by the strongest and fiercest of men. I'm seen to all as a "pretty face" and the experienced Guild members take pride in trying to show me the ropes so to speak. At times I use this to my advantage where possible – my body serves its purpose, my mind always focused on combat.

This is only a means to the end – glorious battles in the name of Rolen Varalos.

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