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Delian's Letters -- 20 Lharvion, 998 YK

Greeting, father

I regret not writing you sooner, but I have been very busy since arriving in Sharn. I am doing well and plan to send you letters with greater regularity.

Sharn is big! It’s much larger than Flamekeep (which I didn’t think was possible!). The most notable difference is that Flamekeep grew out from the Cathedral whereas Sharn grew upwards.

There is little presence of the Silver Flame in Sharn. I’ve learned quickly that few Brelish hold the Flame in high regard. I think this is actually a distain for Thranes and the ignorant assume the two are one-in-the-same.

I have taken up residence in Coldflame Keep, the only temple dedicated to the Silver Flame in Sharn. It’s in an area of the city called High Hope in the Middle Ward. It’s not the largest or grandest temple in the district, but it provides me with a feeling of familiarity that I didn’t realize I was missing.

Coldflame Keep is in the care of Flamebearer Father Mazin Tana. He is a very nice, elderly human and he has been in Sharn more years than I have been alive. There is so much he could teach me if I had the time to dedicate myself to his tutelage. His good heart has somewhat restored my faith that Flamebearers can be truly good people and not get lost or corrupted by the politics of the Church. I fear that Father Tana’s advancement within the Church may have been stunted for precisely this reason.

Coldflame Keep is large enough to house over a hundred faithful servants and soldiers, but most of the temple is empty. There are two teenage acolytes and a scribe who assist Father Tana with his holy duties and up-keeping the temple. The scribe is a soldier who lost both of his legs during the war. I expected him to be bitter and distant, but he always seems very cheerful and upbeat. I have no doubt that he feels the presence of the Silver Flame in his heart. There are eight other Templars currently staying in Coldflame Keep. Some of them fought in the war, and all of them seem soft and out of place now. I pity them. Seeing what they have become has added to my drive to find a greater purpose.

I have found a job in Clifftop Adventurers Guildhall. The proprietor, a dwarf named Ragnolin Dourstone, was impressed with my knowledge of exotic teas. This and my social skills earned me a place as a server. It’s not glamorous, but it gives me a chance to meet new and interesting people every day.

The patrons come and go, but it is my co-workers whom I find most interesting.

  • Sterling, a Warforged and the bouncer, is a kindred soul. I am fascinated with his stories. I have come to learn more about Warforged history and their role in the war. I feel tremendous sympathy for their plight and regret the way these people are treated in Thrane.
  • Larien Felagund, a noble elf, works along side me waiting tables.She is truly battle hardened. She is beautiful, but all business. I’ve seen her prowess with a bow and envy her grace and dexterity. She seems to have tremendous pain in her heart and I hope that as our friendship grows she opens up to me, for I long to help her if I can.
  • Jonathon Piston, a human, is a cleric of the Dol Dorn. I respect his faith and found many similarities in the teaching of Dol Dorn as the Silver Flame, especially with respect to battle. Should I ever need to go into battle, I would be honoured to have Jon fighting at my side.
  • Ethan Dalruun, a human, is still a bit of a mystery. Although he spends his days lifting and sweeping, his body language screams for a greater purpose. He has overcome terrible obstacles to survive in Sharn as long as he has. I try to let him know that some people will offer friendship and expect nothing in return. But he is cautious and suspicious so I am taking it slowly.
That’s all for now, father. I promise to write soon. May the Silver Fame keep you safe.

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