Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dwarf Name: Torak Nor / Human Name: Jonathon Piston

Human Cleric - Level 1
Init +0
Speed: 5
STR 18 +4
CON 12 +1
DEX 11 +0
INT 8 -1
WIS 14 +2
CHA 14 +2

Hit Points = 24
Bloodied = 12
Healing Surge = 6
Surges/Day = 8

AC = 20 = 10 +8[Plate] +2[Shield]

Fort = 15 = 10 +4[Str] +1[Human]
Ref = 13 = 10 +0[Dex] +1[Human] +2[Shield]
Will = 15 = 10 +2[Wis] +1[Human] +2[Class]

Senses: Passive Insight: +17 Passive Perception: +0

Skills: Arcana +4 Diplomacy +7 Heal +7 Insight +7 Religion +4

Class Features: Channel Divinity, Healer’s Lore, Healing Word

Ritual Book: Gentle Repose, Make Whole

Feats: Armor Proficiency Scale, Armor Proficiency Plate

At Will Powers: Priest Shield, Righteous Brand, Sacred Flame
Encounter Powers: Wrathful Thunder
Daily Powers: Avenging Flame

Attack: Mace +6 (+4 STR, +2 Prof)Damage: 1d8 +4, Versatile

Plate Armor, 50 gp
Heavy Shield , 10 gp
Mace, 5 gp
Standard Adventurer’s Kit, 15 gp
Lantern, 7 gp

Money Left: 13 gp

My father Benjomin Odonald was a popular adventurer and a very capable fighter. He was well liked in the area and adventured often with Kathra Korranor, niece of the late Shekkal Korranor, who established the guild for explorers and wanderers.

My father joined by dwarven priest Shekkal for many raids against members of the dark Six. Twenties years ago, he retired from adventuring to settle down with a new wife. However, a few members of the dark six were plotting their revenge and made plans to kill my father, slay his wife and sacrifice their unborn child to their gods to make an example of those that disrupt there evil plans.

One evening more than 19 years ago a number of Dark Six clerics were able to sneak into town and murder both my parents. Cutting me from the womb of my mother, miraculously, I survived. Just as the clerics thought they were getting away the guards arrived and thwarted their plans. After a short skirmish with the guards the surviving clerics fled leaving me behind. A short time later good friend Shekkal arrived. Realizing that Benjomin’s child may still be in jeopardy she secretly called in favors among the local politicians. They spread rumours of the child’s death and sent me to live with relatives from a Dwarven clan, where I would be safe.

Fast forward 19 years…. My character has both a human and dwarven name. Torak Nor and Jonathon Piston. He has dropped his last name to keep his past secret for now. One day when he is powerful enough he’ll have his revenge on the dark six and reclaim his family name.I speak a number of dwarven dialects with absolutely no accent. It is noticeable and very rare for a human to master the dwarf’s language so well, so it is obvious to most that I grew up among them.

For the past few years Kathra has been helping by hooking me up with odd jobs at the guild for explorers and wanderers. She says that I’ll be experienced enough one day to become a member. She is careful not too give lots of space to learn, grow and make mistakes on my own.

I don’t know if this will work as a background but it’s the best I could come up with since I still don’t know eberron that well.


Jay Vandendool said...

I like it sir!

Cut from the womb? Jeez! Nasty!

It also leaves some room to see what happens when/if you run into followers of the Dark Six. My question would be is it followers of the Six or anyone who follows even a single one of the "evil" gods?

Cave2626 said...
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Cave2626 said...

Good background, Rob. A little revenge motive always makes D&D more interesting.

Neil said...

Awesome! A nice and gritty background with plenty of factors to motivate the character. As Derek mentioned revenge is always nice! Do you prefer to go by your human or dwarven name? Or does that depend on who is addressing you?

I also like your build, very much going to be the melee cleric mixing it up with the high ac. This is good for me, as it gives me someone else to flank with!

Overall I'm really liking the look and feel of the characters that have been generated for the game. Some really good background stories by everyone. A nice mix of motivations and complex histories really adds flavour to the game. Not to mention it gives the DM something to work with as well.

I can't wait to see the party in action!

Celestial Bison said...

I think I'll go by whatever name makes sense for the circumstances. Mostly go my human name in town but amoung certain groups of dwarfs I'll go by the dwarf name. I think a good comparision would be when Asian people come to Canada they adopt a Canadian name. I would say it would be similar. I probably went through some formal ritual to be officially reconized as a member of the dwarven clan when I became ad adult.

As for the Religons. I think the Dark Six Clerics worshipped "The Mockery", while my father worshipped Dol Dorn. Although I worship the Soverign Host I believe that my fathers faith was so big that Dol Dorn was responsible for my survival.

The priest responsible for the mission that killed my parents is now in his middle age 40+ and is of considerable power (15th or 16th level). I know who he is but not where he can be found. I will have my revenge one day but realize that I am not experienced enough yet to take on someone of that power. He does not yet know that I survived that day but will eventually feel the end of my blade in his ribs or my mace cracking his skull.

The Mockery and Dol Dorn are brother so that should add some additional flavor.

The Mockery:
Portfolio Combat, dishonor, murder, terror, treachery.
Domains Destruction, Domination, Evil, Illusion, Trickery, War.

Dol Dorn:
Alignment CG
Portfolio War, athleticism, competition.
Domains Chaos, Competition, Good, Liberation, Strength, and War
Favored Weapon Longsword

Question: Since Dol Dorn Favored Weapon is a Long Sword do clerics in Eberron get profiency in that weapon with 4th edition rules?