Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preparing your character sheet

I assume that everyone will have their character ready and all relevant information recorded on their character sheet by Sunday. If you’re anything like me you’ll have all of your weapons listed, including relevant hit and damage modifiers.

One detail that you might have overlooked is unarmed combat. Since we’ve already been told that the game will start as we arrive to work early one morning, it’s reasonable to assume that if combat breaks out we’ll be unarmed.

I have added Fists to my list of weapons and know exactly what my hit and damage modifiers are, should it come to that. I encourage everyone else to do the same before Sunday. Let’s do what we can to avoid slowing the game down to look up numbers that we can (and probably should) already have recorded on our character sheets.


Neil said...

Stop giving the DM ideas!

For the record I always have a dagger in each of my boots!

Jay Vandendool said...

Good call Derek. I was thinking about this last night. I am going to leave the weapons up to you. The game starts with the "party" arriving at work very early in the morning. Walking around Sharn in the dark can be a challenge with no armour and/or weapon. I leave each party member to determine if they would carrying thee things. I personally can understand weapons and lighter armour. However wearing heavy armour on the way to serving tables? Your call. I won't dispute unless someone goes nuts with it.

Who knows... maybe it won't even matter!

Neil said...

I've actually been thinking a lot about what my characters normal habits are. Does he arrive early for work, what does he do after work, does he have a hobby, local hangout. All that fun stuff. I have most of it worked out in my head and will be posting about it later today.

Cave2626 said...

I was under the assumption that we lived in the guild house. There are rooms upstairs, right? I guess if we're not members then we wouldn't have any reason to actually live there (yet).

What, if any, guidelines should we keep in mind regarding our life outside of the guild? Are the PCs friends outside of work? Does it matter if they are or they are not?