Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Critical Hits

Neil had a (good) question about critical hits and sneak attack damage. He wished to clarify if the sneak dice were maximized on a successful crit. After doing some digging in the books and online I have deduced that it is indeed maximized. Here is my take on it:
  • Pg 117 of the PHB describes Sneak Attack damage as extra damage caused by a successful attack under the proper conditions. (under S.A. description).
  • Pg 278 of the PHB talks about crit damage and states:

    Extra Damage:
    Magic weapons and implements, as well as high crit weapons, can increase the damage you deal when you score a critical hit. If this extra damage is a die roll, it's not automatically maximum damage; you add the result of the roll.

The only damage not maximized is extra damage that are caused by actually scoring a critical hit. Sneak Attack, Hunter's Quarry, and Warlock's Curse are not caused by critical hits. Thus, they are maximized.

There you go! Of course.. this works both ways! Mwahahah!

Unless someone finds somethings very specific somewhere regarding this I plan on playing this way.

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