Thursday, July 24, 2008

Delian's Letters -- 3 Rhaan, 998 YK

Greetings, father

I’m writing this while traveling away from Sharn on horseback. Much has happened since my last letter.

I was forced to draw steel on the streets of Sharn to defend a helpless man. He was being assaulted by five armed men. The friends I wrote about in my last letter fought by my side and we were victorious. Unfortunately two of the villains were killed during the combat and the local lawmen did not look favorably on this needless loss of life. Fortunately the circumstances supported our need for brute force, and the city watch agreed. But the taking of a life, no matter what the circumstances, cannot go unchecked. As such we were fined 200 gp.

The man being accosted was named Earnin. He came to Sharn seeking help. His village, a small mining town in the Blackcaps, has been taken over by thugs. The local townsfolk had all been killed or forced to work in the mine. Earnin offered us 200 gp to help him. This reward offset our fine to the copper. The Flame clearly wanted me to follow this path.

We left Sharn the next day and began the long trek to the Backcaps on horseback. I was pleased to have a chance to see Wroat along the way. Even though we didn’t stop within the city limits, I can see why it is the capital of Breland. I look forward to visiting Wroat some day soon.

I’ll write more as my journey continues. May the Silve Flame keep you safe.

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