Thursday, July 24, 2008

Delian's Letters -- 9 Rhaan, 998 YK

Greetings, father

I am finally getting chances to put my combat training to good use. I’ve battled humans, elves, and strange lizard creatures. I’ve battled goblins and constructs. And although I’m confident of my abilities, it is a new challenge to fight along side companions who are trained in so many different disciplines. Most of my combat training assumed that I would be fighting alone or along side lines of soldiers with similar training to my own. This haphazard approach to fighting is opening my eyes to the endless possibilities in fighting styles.

Take Ethan, for example. He’s self taught and wields small blades. He looks for any opening in an opponent’s defenses and strikes quickly. It doesn’t appear that he’s doing a lot of damage at first, but I’ve quickly learned that he knows were to strike his foe to hurt them the most. He fights dirty and without rules. It may not seem honorable, but so far I haven’t fought an opponent deserving of honorable tactics. If this approach works for Ethan, I’m not going to judge him. If anything I admire his will to do whatever it takes to be victorious.

Larien approaches a fight very differently. She uses a longbow with unbelievable accuracy. She uses stealth and distance to her advantage. She quietly moves through the shadows and when she spots her target she overwhelms them with missile fire before they even realize she’s a threat. Most of her foes never even see the person who killed them. I have great admiration for her since I have never been able to display any real proficiency with a bow myself. Her skill has come from countless shots. It’s both sad and awe inspiring.

Each of the members of our group has their own strengths and until we learn what those are and how best to use them in tandem we will not be as great as I know we can be. I continue to observe this party and hope that my wisdom will provide me with insight to guide them in the days to come, both on and off of the battlefield.

Good day, father. May the Silver Flame keep you safe.

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Neil said...

Very cool post. I like the way you summarize our fighting styles. Looking forward to more.