Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Larien's Journal - 8 Rhaan, 998 YK

I am a warrior.
This victory is mine.

I had awoke this morning with Rolen Varalos on my mind. My patron ancestor had guided me on this path -- a questionable path. I find myself associating with men that don't think twice to kill someone in their sleep, or someone who is unarmed.

As we proceeded towards the mine, we came across a wagon that was being attacked by spitting Drakes and Needlefang Swarms. I easily slayed the drakes while my counterparts took care of the swarms. This was a good warmup to what was to come.

At the mine, we noticed two guard towers as we approached. Ethan and myself proceeded forth to scout the area. Little did we know that some foul goblins were going to attack at the same time as we were. I could not help but shoot at them. My hatred for them burns deep -- the history of my people and my ancestors will never let me to forget these wretched vermin.

I could not help but to shoot.
None of us died.

Death is my business.
I was very busy at work today.

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Neil said...

I loved this:

"Death is my business.
I was very busy at work today."