Saturday, January 31, 2009


As Ethan followed the Hobgolbin runt back to it's lair, all he could think was that this was too easy and far too convienent. That Jarmagg knew who they all were wasn't that surprising. The others hadn't been subtle about announcing their presence or intentions. In hindsight Ethan should have kept a lower profile and not asked so many questions, but what was done was done. Now he just had to follow the Hobgoblin to Rathos' hideout.

Something just didn't fell right. Jarmagg had been too eager to to send Ethan and his companions out after Rathos. It didn't sit right with him, kill Rathos and Jarmagg would give the party this DragonShard? Ethan doubted Jarmagg was that well intentioned.

Making a vow to be vigilant in future dealings with the Kobold Ethan continued to follow the Hobgoblin until it entered an underground vault. Marking the location Ethan quickly returned to his companions, the time for thinking was past. Now was a time for action.

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