Monday, January 26, 2009


Born in Lakeview 20 years prior, Alara Laecandra had a harsh life. Her father was a beast of a man who worked her to the bone on their farm outside of Lakeview. She quickly learned to covet the small niceties she was able to squirrel away. Around her twelveth year her natural afinity for magic caught the eye of Alkraine Il’tansil - the towns mage. He agreed to teach her magic whenever she was able to spend time.

Years later Alara and a group of youth from the town were charged with retrieving an important relic stolen from the town by raiding goblins. The adventure that followed brought Alara throughout the world and it is even rumoured she travelled through the fabric of time itself. Perhaps that explains why she became such a powerful necromancer at such an early age.

Recently she returned to her home town and has transformed the backwater hamlet into a busseling hub of trade for raw materials such as ore and lumber. While not the official leader of the town, most would quickly concede that she is the driving force making the rules.

It is known that she somehow knows Ragnolin Dourstone and was able to provide information to Kartenix and Jaryn regarding the location of the Raptor's Mask. She has now agreed to provide the party with information on the extremely powerful Cloak of Flames in exchange for retrieving a huge Khyber Dragonshard from the Bloodghosts of Xandrar.

She seems to keep the company of a powerful looking minotaur and a scholarly looking dragonborn named Andred.

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