Monday, January 26, 2009

Alara's Chamber...

Alara's eyes followed Sterling's retreating frame as he exited the chamber. She sensed her minotaur bodyguards weight shift to his right leg.

"Speak your mind Telios. I've known you long enough to know when something troubles you even if you don't utter the words."

After a moment Telios' baratone voice rumbled "Do you really think it is wise to send these young ones after such an important item? It took you many years to locate and arrange possession of the dragonshard. We know of no other that will be sufficient for our cause."

"I understand your concern my friend. However there is more to this group than meets the eye. I understand Ragnolin has great faith in them. They will serve the purpose as well or better than many others."

She turned to look at the massive frame of the minotaur as he leaned upon his mighty battle axe. Over the years he had transformed from hired protection into an advisor of sorts. He rarely spoke unless he thought it important enough to do so.

"Besides," she continued, "whether they are successful or not, our plans will be furthered. If they are slain then they are out of our hair and we simply go get the dragonshard from Rathos ourselves. If they are able to secure it then we have our next prize and the lot of them will be off to a place farther from Eberron than they will have thought possible."

She turned to the curtained doorway behind her. "Andred. I know you are there. Please stop skulking about and show yourself."

The dragonborn pulled the curtain aside as stepped into the room. "I am simply ensuring that history has accurate records of the great events to come Mi'lady."

Alara rolled her eyes. "Are you sure you have located the information we need to secure our end of the bargain with the members of the Clifftop's Adventurers Guild?"

"I am one hundred percent certain I know the last location where the Phoenix Cloak was said to be guarded. One can never be sure it has not moved in the last 20 years of course."

Alara was silent a moment. "Excellent. As usual your talents for delving through historical data are invaluable."

Andred bowed and turned to step back through the doorway. However, Alara interrupted his progress. Without turning he stopped as she said "Andred, if I catch you eavesdropping on my private conversation again I will ensure that your name will be erased from history."

Andred nodded and disappeared behind the curtain.

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