Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Party Make Up - June 30th

Cary - Larien Felagund, Elf Ranger
Curtis - Sterling, Warforged Warlord
Dave - Dwarf Fighter
Derek - Delian (Del) Tra'dal, Half-Elf Paladin
Neil - Ethan Dalruun, Human Rogue
Rob - Tiefling Cleric?


Neil said...

While I am leaning strongly to the rogue I am still open to playing the cleric.

When we look at the final party makeup, if we see healing as being a glaring need then I will play the cleric.

Cave2626 said...

I envision my character as being a front-line healer. This should allow people to play what the want and not feel that they need to play a Cleric becasue the party needs a healer.

Curtis said...

Yeah as a minor action, twice per encounter i can use inspiring word which allows the target to spend a healing surge and get 1d6 extra. Thats at a range of close 5.

Between that and lay on hands we should be ok with out a cleric.

Otherwise the first person to die should roll the cleric :)

Neil said...

The inspiring word feature makes me feel more confident about going as a rogue as it is pretty much identical to the Cleric's healing word ability.

If I die first, I'll come back as a Cleric. But I don't plan to die, nevermind first.

Cave2626 said...

We certainly seem to have all the races covered. This should make for some very interesting role-palying. And the mix of classes should allow us to hold our own in combat.