Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in Merylsward

16 Olarune
A bitter wind made the candles flicker as the door to the make-shift temple opened. Emesha looked up from her meditations to see a tiefling quietly shut the door and step into the room. Years of experience instantly warned her that there was more to this man than met the eye. However the Flame within her heart called her to treat everyone with respect – if not wariness.

“Well met,” she said as she rose from her mat. Her companions had already made their way to their bunks in anticipation of tomorrow’s journey back into the wilderness. A month was far too long to be holed up in this place while the cult moved throughout the lands. “How can the Flame be of service to you?”

The tiefling smiled. It seemed genuine enough. “I have traveled far to come to this place. It is my hope to find a champion of your faith in this town. He is known as Jaryn. Do you know of his whereabouts? I am in urgent need to speak with him.”

Emesha held the emotion from her face. This was the second time in a month that Jaryn’s location had been sought after. What had he got himself into? It must be important for people to follow him half way across Khorvaire. “I do not know where he is. I have not had contact with him in a few months – not that I think it is any of your business. What do you want with him warlock?” She could tell by the slight raising of his eyebrow that she had guessed his attire correctly.

“I only wish to seek his assistance in locating an item I am seeking. I believe he has knowledge of where it may be located.” He paused. “Not that it is any of your business good cleric.”

A moment of silence passed between them as the tiefling took in the room. He took a step toward one of the torches and warmed his hands. Emesha thought she saw the flames actually reach toward the warlock. She shook her head. It was time for this one to leave. A sense of unease filled her heart.

“You are correct. It is none of my business…” she paused.

“Skamos” he said without turning his head.

“Skamos.” She continued. “However you are not the first one seeking my comrade and the others have quite a head start on you.” Her mind reeled. Why had she said that? Dread filled her heart. This warlock was up to something. There was no way she would have divulged information like that willfully to someone like this. She started toward the rear of the room. She needed to get some assistance. If she could reach the door she could easily raise the alarm.

Suddenly her body immobilized and her mind shrieked as a sudden blast of pain tore through her mind. The warlock was looking at her now. Somehow he was tearing memories from her. Back through the previous weeks they flashed until they settled on Jonathon and his comrades.

“Ah.” he said. “It seems that my friends are more astute than even I gave them credit for. No matter. I must admit that I was not relishing a cold journey through lands ruled by narrow-minded nature lovers. They have saved me a trip. I thank you for your assistance Emesha.”


In the morning they found the door of the temple ajar and Emesha’s frozen corpse lying in front of the altar of the temple. There was no sign of a struggle.


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Cave2626 said...


Oh, he's asking for a beating! I'm going to shove the Silver Flame so far up his... you get the idea.

Cave2626 said...

Based on the date when this happened, almost three weeks have passed since (18 days). I guess this means that Skamos has had ample time to follow our trail, locate Jaryn, or beat us to the Pillars of Night temple in the Moonsfall Mountains.

All three of these possibilities will make things more difficult. Plus, the characters have no idea of this for sure, although I think they’d all suspect a likely encounter with Skamos again soon.

Jay Vandendool said...

Methinks you should re-interpret Skamos' last words to Emesha.