Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ethan sat in the guild masters office marvelling at the many trophies that adorned the walls. The dragon's tooth and basilisk's eye being two of the dominant items in the room. His admiration for Master Dourstone was interrupted by the entrance of Ragnolin himself. Dressed in his normal attire the stout dwarf eased into an arm chair across from the rogue.

The dwarf looked across at Ethan and after some time spoke "So you wanted to meet boy?"

"I did Master Dourstone. As you requested in your note I've obtained the item you desired. None are aware that I have it, much less who it is for." With that said Ethan passed a small parcel over to Ragnolin. The dwarf cradled the parcel in his arms loving for a moment and then carefully laid it aside, his eyes had a strange gleam to them.

"Thank you for this Ethan, I shan't forget this favour."

"It is I who should thank you Master Dourstone, you provided for me when no other would. For that I am in your debt."

A silence fell upon the room and both men were content to endure it for a time. Finally, Ragnolin spoke "I assume there is something else you wish to discuss?"

"There is master," Ethan replied with a serious expression.

"A weighty matter is it, this calls for a drink then." Reaching into his personal cupboard Ragnolin drew out a bottle of Karrnathi Whisky, often known as liquid fire for how it burned the throat as it was drunk and then warmed the body afterwards. Pouring two glasses he passed one to Ethan and raised it in a toast, "To the glorious dead, to the living who will follow and to us. May we live forever."

Drinking deeply the two men regarded one another anew.

"Master, I come before you seeking counsel and requesting aid." Ethan took another drink before continuing. "In this time that I have been serving the guild and travelling I have experienced things beyond my understanding. I have learned and I have grown. Lately, I have feared that which I saw in myself. Killing comes to easily to me Master and I enjoy it too much. I lie awake at night afraid to sleep, fearing I might wake more terrible, more ruthless than before.

"In my time at Lakeview with Alara, I came to realize that perhaps I could harness this ability, the ruthless desire to kill. I thought on it deeply and consulted with Mistress Alara on it. I have come to realize that I am destined to walk the path of the assassin. I would choose this path willingly, though I know it borders on evil. However, I do not want this choice to be my ouster from the guild. So I seek your blessing on what I choose to embark upon.

"Further, I would ask that you or one that you trust be agent to my services. That those I might strike down be evil men. I would know your thoughts on this."

Ragnolin sat across from the rogue for a long time before answering. It seems the missive from Alara was correct and the once innocent boy was choosing to walk a dark path. Oh he knew of evil and evil men, but he always seemed to rise above it. "What have I done to him?" Ragnolin wondered to himself. "I hope that damnable Alara did not have something to do with this." Finally he spoke, "Know this Ethan, I cannot counsel you on this path. It is your own to walk and only you know the right of it. I believe you to be an upright and honourable man. I do not see evil in you, in fact I see much good."

"Should you decide to walk the dark road of the assassin you will not have my blessing. However, neither will I have you removed from this hall for making it. For as I said, I see much good in you. Nor will I act as agent on your behalf, however I know of one who can. Long has he been a friend to me and I trust his discretion." Ragnolin reached into the folds of his surcoat and withdrew a sheet of parchment and a quill. He wrote down a name and handed the sheet to Ethan. "This man makes a living by remaining anonymous, but I can arrange an introduction in time."

"Thank you for your words Master Dourstone, I appreciate your candour. One final thing, if you could keep this discussion from the others. I don't know what they would think of this decision. In time I'm sure things will become apparent to them and I will advise them of my decision in due course."


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