Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quick Overview of Some Lands

Assume your characters know the following. Anything else you'd need to research a bit. Mostly this is here just to get your brains in the game and make some decisions on next steps.

Lying on the eastern front of the Endwall Mountains and the long expanse of The Dragonreach it is easy to see why Q'barra remained untouched by civilized settlements for so long. The steamy jungles and sprawling swamplands that encompasses most of the landscape is a perfect habitat for dire and horrid animals as well as dinosaurs. The small shard of land is not completely inhospitable, however, as a small strip of fertile land lies in the southeast and other open expanses peel away from the jungle in places around the country.

The Bone Yard
The Boneyard is an area in the Talenta Plains filled with many skeletons of dragons. The halfling clans of the Plains consider the place to be cursed and will not willingly enter it. It is extremely ancient and may date from the Demon Wars. Filled with all manner of aberrations, it seems to lie atop a Xoriat manifest zone.

Fist of Onatar
The Fist of Onatar is the name of a volcano in the city of Mroranonhold in the Mror Holds.
The dwarves of the clan protect the site and think that it is a sacred place tied to Onatar, god of fire and the forge. The volcano radiates magical energy, which some Aundairian scholars believe is the result of powerful dragonshards beneath the lava.

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