Thursday, August 20, 2009


The events of the past week have rattled me to the bone. I am grateful for the poor condition of the Sacrifice and the lack of crew. The work distracts me from the thoughts that now race through my mind. It is these moments of silence when I find myself alone under the night sky that I begin to question myself. I begin to question all that I thought I was.

Unbidden thoughts surface. How did this dragonmark appear on my skin? Is it related to the flash of light from the altar? Who is my father? Is my blood true? Only my mother and Mikhal know the answers to that question and they are both dead. They will give me know answers.

As I look back at the past work I did for House Orien as a courier in Sharn. Did I seek them out or was I manipulated and placed into that position? If my blood is true, does my father watch over me? Hoping against hope that a mark might manifest? That he might reclaim his son?

It matters not to me who my father is, if he is of House Orien or not. The origins of this mark are of know consequence. What matters is the doors they could open up. As I truly do not know who my father is, it can't hurt to attempt to make a claim to the House. My failing is that I know nothing of their workings, or the politics. I must wait for them to come to me. I will allow the crew to do that work for me, to spread the rumours of a new dragonmark. There may be danger in this course of action, but it is worth the risk.

I do not know how House Orien will think of my work, if they do even embrace me as one of their own. I've successfully eliminated two marks and word is the employers in each case were very impressed with the way it was handled. A note from my handler indicates that there is another job waiting for me. My hope is that there is a House Sivis messaging station at the Fist of Onatar where I can receive instructions.

Perhaps my skills could be put to use by House Orien. I should let my handler know of this development, it should allow me to charge more for my assignments. All I know is this mark is my ticket out of poverty, out of the lower caste and I embrace that!

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