Monday, October 17, 2011


Ethan sat in the sparse room the Korred had provided, his thoughts running over the events of the past day. The flight through the city and ensuing fight with the demon. Learning that Jaryn and Tharunn had been captured. The rescue. The rescue.

"Six take 'em!" Ethan shouted as he struck the wall with his fist. Nenia flinched at his outburst and a few eyebrows raised in surprise. Only Sterling didn't react, his face unreadable as ever. And Braddoc, the dwarf sat in the corner helm pulled over his eyes as he napped.

"Ogre's eyes I've had it with him! It's his fault" Ethan accused as he pointed at Braddoc. "We waited for him to rest and Jaryn died because we were too slow. Died for what? We are no further ahead and our friend who toiled for years to free us is dead, because we didn't act.

"Jaryn's death is on you Braddoc. You bear this burden. Six take you Braddoc, Six take you"

With that Ethan left the room lest the others see the sorrow that was about to overwhelm him.

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