Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Debts Repaid

"I'm not real big on repentance ... I like revenge better."   (Laurell Hamilton - The Lunatic Cafe)

Tharunn gazed slowly around Shaman's chamber. While many of the shelves were now bare, it seemed neat and ordered despite the hasty escape the Korred had taken only hours before. A smile crossed his face as his thoughts wandered back over the day's events.

Not only was it done, it was done in a manner beyond even his darkest dreams. His Korred friends were off to start a new life somewhere far from here. Their revenge was a thing of beauty. The entire city choked and died as it should have. That is what years of tyranny and oppression earned those who brought pain and suffering on those they considered weak. The lesson here was that even the small can bring down tyrants.

That bastard mindflayer who ended Jaryn's life had died eating his own tentacles just as Tharunn swore he would. The creature had taken one of the last points of light from Tharunn's life so, in turn, he had snuffed the light from those vile eyes. He trusted that Jaryn could rest easily now.

Eyes had informed him of the victory of his friends from Eberron. The beholder, Lord Xan'klru'atzl, was slain and his treasures plundered. His debt to Ethan had been repaid when he orchestrated the freedom of that mighty group from their stony hell. He wished him well and hoped that he would meet Ethan again but first he have other scores to settle.

Ethan lifted his gaze to the door as it filled with the form of his comrade Eyes.

Eyes voice seemed to echo in the vacant room. "It still smell like the latrines down at Ale's tavern but the gases have cleared the lower tunnels enough that we can proceed. Are we ready?"

He turned and stuffed the ornate helm from Shaman's vault into his pack. "We are. It is time to repay the final debt. The journey to the City of Brass will be long but the revenge will be sweet."

- Tharuun

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Wimwick said...

That's dark, glad the kid made it out though.