Friday, October 4, 2013

Running from the Devils

I learned a hard lesson today – Devils are not to be trusted. As a Paladin I should have known this. I should have expected their duplicitous nature.

My short-sightedness put the party and our mission in jeopardy. Thinking we could fight our way out was an even bigger mistake. I fear that being so far removed from the Flame is making me reckless. I’m letting my temper and frustration guided my actions. Had I paused for just a moment and embraced the Silver Flame in my mind’s eye I might have consider my options more carefully before lashing out. I might have realized that talking is always a better option than fighting, especially when facing superior numbers. Instead, my decision to fight led to defeat, and now we run.

We flee from a superior army. If they catch us, we will be at their mercy. If we’re lucky they will kill us. More likely they will force us into some form of servitude or imprisonment. I do not look forward to being at the mercy of any creature as evil as a Devil. Yet I don’t see many other options before us.

I pray for a miracle. I just hope that the Silver Flame can deliver one to this servant despite how very far away I am. I have faith, but I only see death in my future. Flame save me; Flame save us all.

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Wimwick said...

Now I have Van Halen stuck in my head. Nice post.