Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Jacob is my first eberron character from Neil's game famous for shifting into a Moonosaurus (Moose+Rhino). He's currently level 12.

Things he would be actively pursuing:
  • He has profession farmer and brewer so would likely be brewing and distilling spirits and ales for sale to inns and taverns in Sharn. Being a druid aids in this process and he makes high quality products, including goodberry wine.
  • He took Anchor Sacred Grove as his level 9 feat, so would likely have anchored a grove about 50 miles away from Sharn. Here he would have a cottage, tend a garden, and likely brew the spirits here. Being close to Sharn, it would be a natural magnet for druids travelling through the area, for a place to stay and get information.
  • The party found a small area in the bowels of one tower which had a blighted treant in it I think. Jacob worked to purify the ground in there and has planted a new tree. He spends his time in Sharn here.
  • Jacob has cast Awaken on the tree and a number of city type animals (rats etc.) in this Sharn "grove" (it has no power as an actual druid grove, jacob however refers to it as one though). He uses this small host of awakened animals (think Narnia) as defense for the grove and as infomation gatherers. A newly awakened rat can get into places to hear and see things that even the most skilled rogues could not. And it is concievable that awakened creatures could take NPC levels. (ie 3rd level Awakened Rat Warrior)
  • Jacob's prefered animal companion is a canine. He likely has a Dire Wolf animal companion, or even possibly a Horrid Wolf animal companion at this point, as his animal companion died during his adventuring.

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