Friday, May 30, 2008

Neil Character Concepts

Right now I don't have a race narrowed down. I'm interested in the any of these classes: warlord, paladin, cleric, wizard. Ranger or rogue are also options, but I've played them a lot in older editions. With a new edition I think I'd like to try something very new.

One concept I have is for a paladin who is Brelish nobility. However, after serving in the war and seeing the futility of it all he gives up his lands etc. Similar to the Vow of Poverty in the Book of Exalted Deeds, just not that extreme.

This actually leads me to a question though: Being we are playing in Eberron has anyone thought about playing a veteran of the war? Or of playing an older character who maybe didn't fight in the war but was affected by it? Not sure with how this would be a problem with Jay's start up idea with us all trying to join an adventurer's guild, but certainly a case can be made for war veterans turning to a life of adventure.


Curtis said...

Depends on exactly which way I go with this character if I fought in the war or not. I'm leaning the Teifling Warlord right now, however I believe Breland tried but failed to bring mercenary groups in from the Demon Wastes.

I'll look it up in Forge of War, and if they did fight in the war, I will likely incorporate that into my characters background.

The Halfling ranger absolutely fought in the last war, primarily as raids against Karrnath.

Jay Vandendool said...

Someone who fought in the war (or at least trained to go fight before it was over) has plenty of reason to join an adventurer's guild. Money, skill set, glory, etc. Maybe they had a relative in the guild and were using the war to gain the skill set required to get into the guild. Remember that "usually" people get into the guild at level 2. They have to get to second level somehow.