Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Warforged out for now

I'm seriously considering Teifling Warlord now.

The class seems to work best with other melee classes to support as it seems to be a supporting role. It's also cool because the warlord can allow allies to use healing surges, so a melee heavy healer class in a way.

The PH is quite the read.  Going to take a while to digest it all.

I personally like the new way skills are handled.  No more days of +36 spot, but +1 search or taking +5 in balance just so you can get the +2 synergy.  Saves are cool too, taking the higher modifier of two stats.  Unlimited Magic Missiles .... need i say more?

So I'm in for Melee.

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David said...

Not sure if I'm sold on the skill system yet. Perhaps I just need to use it, but it doesn't seem right that an 'expert' in a skill will only be 25% better than someone untrained and trying something for the first time...