Friday, June 6, 2008

Warforged are in!

I downloaded a copy of the 4th edition Monster Manual.  Other playable races appear in an appendix in the back including:

Gnoll, Gnome, Drow, Githyanki (spelling??), Shifters (two kinds), Dopelgangers, and Warforged.

Off the top of my head Warforged looked like:

6' - 6'6"

+2 STR +2 CON

They don't eat, drink or breath but it doesn't negate any effect. ( ie gas cloud effects would still affect them)

+2 to saving throws to end effects
+2 endurance skill

extended rest is shortened to 4 hours

Racial ability is called Warforged resolve.  I believe its an encounter power
Activated when the character becomes bloodied.
3+1/2 lvl temporary hitpoints 

The racial ability for PC warforged did not match the NPC verison.  There is a 4th lvl NPC that gains 14 temp hitpoints when bloodied, and a lvl 6 one that gains 18.  Which would seem like 4+2*lvl to me.  At 6th level a PC would gain 6 hp.

Thats all I remember for now.

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