Friday, October 31, 2008

Delian's Musings - Dreaming of Dragons

Since leaving Sharn I’ve been having strange dreams. The dreams change, but some details are constant.

I dream of dragons. Silver dragons. Sometimes the dragon is a huge and magnificent creature, flying high over Khorvaire. She has power and grace. Wisdom and knowledge. She is ever vigilant and always seeking… something… or someone. Other times I dream of a much smaller dragon. Also silver, but this dragon is moving along the ground with conviction. He is bold yet careful. He’s following, no not following… tracking his quarry. He’s focused and patient. Watching. Learning. Waiting.

But regardless of which dragon populates my dreams, the large female or the smaller male, they both breathe a beautiful silver fire – a silver flame.

I struggle to understand the meaning of these dreams. I don’t believe that they are figments of my imagination. I believe that they have a greater meaning. I pray that the flame will grant me the wisdom and focus to decipher the meaning of my dreams.


Dave said...

I continue to slip the mushrooms into his food when he's not looking. :)

Jay Vandendool said...


This is going to get interesting methinks.

skallawag said...

silver flame.... hmmm