Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time Spent in a Dungeon

The night has been long. I've never camped in a dungeon before, though strangely it is similar to the lower wards of Sharn. Being surrounded by the enemy is an alien feeling. It is difficult to relax and rest. Things have gone well to this point. We fight as a group for the most part. Wait, who am I kidding, we were reckless during our last engagement. Some of the orcs pulled back setting a trap behind them. In their haste the others triggered it and almost killed one of the captives we've been commissioned with saving. The Dwarf is happy to be alive and Jonathon's been chatting with him like their old friends. It makes me laugh thinking that he almost killed him.

We've taken shifts keeping watch. Even though Sterling is able to stay awake and remain on guard all night it isn't fair to ask him to remain vigilant for so long, he does enough for us. The night has been uneventful, though during the early hours of the morning a slight noise disturbed me. Years of living in the Cogs have left me as a light sleeper. You never knew when a dagger was coming to slit your throat. I reached for Nibbler in case some dirty goblin was attempting to sneak up on us. What I saw snatched my breath away.

Jonathon was attempting to sneak out of the room we had secured. The sight of him tippy toeing in his heavy armour, trying not to alert us almost made me laugh. To my ears it sounded as though a herd of elephants was walking through the room. I can only surmise that he disagreed with my treatment of the goblin we'd interrogated earlier and was going to live up to his word and his honour. What he was likely to do was get us or himself killed. Still, he was our companion.

Rising silently I moved to follow Jonathon. As I rounded the corner in the hall I looked back on our group. All were sleeping save Sterling, his gaze falling upon me as he nodded a silent acknowledgement of what needed to be done.

I couldn't risk something happening to Jonathon or of him alerting others in the dungeon to our whereabouts. Following him was simple, I was a shadow against the wall. Not even the dead spirits of the orcs we slew were aware of me. Sure enough Jonathon released the goblin. A small smile reached my lips as I realized the depth of Jonathon's faith and compassion. He even said a prayer over the pitiful thing. I still think him a fool.

I let Jonathon pass me and return to camp. I could sneak back in simply enough. It was nice to be out and away from the others. Time to reflect on my own and jot these notes down. Morning would come soon enough and with it death and danger. Olladra guide me.


Jay Vandendool said...

I've been waiting for these to get going again. Thanks! Well written!

Celestial Bison said...

Nice Post and interesting twist as always. :)