Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Braddoc' s Viewpoint

I see the way they look at me now. Respect? Fear? Jealousy? One lucky blow and they change their tune. It matters not to me as long as they finally realize that I am the keystone of any battle we engage in. It took them long enough, the stories of them barely making it out of battle after battle when I am covering another task should have clued them in long before now.

Our party tactics are starting to improve to the point where we aren't always on the brink of disaster. Our after action 'discussions' are leading to smoother tactics. Now, if only one of our 'leaders' would lead instead of reacting in battle we could get ahead of the game.

I fear all of this talk about naming ourselves is getting ridiculous. We have to accomplish something before we can expect people to actually care what we call ourselves. We're still just another party of adventurers biting off more than we can chew time after time until we die a violent and messy death in some hole no one has ever heard of.

Dol Dorn help me... all of this and I still have to respond to that letter from my father.


Neil said...

Great post pal!

skallawag said...

Good stuff Dave. I'd like to choose a name before the NPC's give us a crappy one tho ;)