Thursday, February 26, 2009

Recap #19 – Rathos’ Deal

  • With the Oni defeated the party took a brief respite and proceeded south to the end of the main hallway with Ethan taking point. Rounding the corner to the west they encountered two bugbear warriors on jail guard duty. The party made quick work of them.
  • Inside the second jail cell the group found a prisoner near death. After tending his wounds they discovered he was the captain of the ship that had been raided for the dragonshard they were seeking. Being in no condition to defend himself the man begged for the party to take him out of the catacomb lair immediately. After a brief (but animated and detailed) discussion, Ethan led the man to a safe spot in the ruins outside while Delian stood guard near the hidden lair entrance. They provided also provided the captain with their magic candle to keep him safe.
  • In the meantime the rest of the party took peek down a short stairway to discover a pit containing several needlefang drake swarms. Fearful of a trap Nenia destroyed the creatures from the safety of the stairway landing. (Murderer!)
  • With no other doors left to open the group suspected yet another secret passage somewhere. With a little luck they were able to locate one in the middle of the hall. It lead to a bar stocked with exotic wines and ales. Each party member helped themselves to a bottle. (Worth no money. Simply roleplaying options here folks!)
  • Through a further door the group finally met Rathos. The rather overweight bugbear was lounging on his bed with his two pet displacer beasts standing guard in front of him. By the looks of him, his love of the finer things in life had left him rather out of shape – or at least more of a round shape!
  • The party initially accused Rathos of plundering the dragonshard and demanded he return it. Rathos indicated he did not have the dragonshard in his possession. He claimed that Jarmaag had it and that the group was being used by a scheming kobold. He even allowed Ethan to search the room to prove his claim.
  • Rathos then put an offer on the table. In exchange for being left alone he would tell the party where the dragonshard was and some of Jarmaag’s tricks and strengths. Braddoc wanted no part of it. He was itching for blood. However Nenia spoke up and accepted the offer on behalf of the party and the deal was struck.
  • Rathos indicated that Jarmaag most likely kept the dragonshard in a secret compartment within a secret compartment under his bed. Furthermore, no skill in thievery would be able to pick the lock. The group needed the key that Jarmaag kept on his person. He also informed the group that Jarmaag kept the company of a seemingly beautiful woman who was in actuality a demon. He also sported a dragonborn body guard of sorts who had fought as a gladiator many years before. Aside from that, all the individuals frequenting the Bottle and Speak Easy were fiercely loyal to Jarmaag and should be expected to help defend him.
  • With that the party left Rathos.
  • On their way back to town the group stopped to pick up the captain of the ship.
  • Further along the path the group happened upon a group of bugbears and a doppelganger. On Jarmaag’s orders they demanded proof of Rathos’ demise. When the party refused to do so the doppelganger ordered them to wait while Rathos’ lair was checked. Upon refusing that request as well, the party found themselves in another scrum. The doppelganger warned the group that if he did not return then Jarmaag would know he had been betrayed. The party didn’t care.
  • Having already used up most of their tricks, the group was hard pressed to overcome this group. In the end they were victorious but they were also forced to see shelter within the ruins prior to returning to deal with Jarmaag.
  • In the distraction of making camp, Sterling did not notice the scout that spied upon them before slinking back towards town.

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