Thursday, February 26, 2009

Recap #20 – Jarmaag’s Hot Girlfriend

12 Nymm (This is the date I've calculated and I'm sticking to it.)
  • After a very long discussion on how to proceed, the party decided that a straight up approach was the smartest plan of action. They would try to act like everything was normal in order to gain audience with Jarmaag but they would expect the worst. Good thing too.
  • Along the way they were joined by a mysterious elf ranger. He would later disappear. Maybe never to be heard of in Eberron again. (Thanks for playing Ed!)
  • Entering the bar the party noted 7 individuals quietly talking amongst themselves and having a drink – even at this early hour of the day. Ethan noticed Tolg in a back booth speaking to a tiefling. Tolg ignored him though.
  • The groups request for a drink and Jarmaag’s ear was initially ignored by the barkeep. However after a moment he went into the back to let Jarmaag know the group was here.
  • In the meantime Tolg said “You’ve got a lot of nerve coming back here traitor!” and a bloody battle ensued. It had many of the elements of a classic bar brawl!
  • Braddoc deftly jumped on a table in the middle of 4 humans and with one mighty swing felled 3 of them. The bartender returned from the back and quickly dropped an area of darkness before going to town on Delian. He was joined by shifter who went straight for the backlines of the PCs and began hounding Nenia and the ranger.
  • Ethan and Delian were able to do enough damage to Tolg to force him to flee through the darkness and into the kitchen. They were then joined by Sterling and they were able to kill the bartender before turning their attention to the tiefling warlock he was protecting behind him.
  • In the end the PCs were victorious but Delian and Nenia were rather sore.
  • Proceeding through the kitchen and down the secret stair to the gambling hall the group encountered Jarmaag and his cronies.
  • Druel the dragonborn gladiator drooled (haha), hooted and grunted as he brought his considerable gladiatorial skills to bear while Jarmaag’s “wife” Galaria dominated Ethan and Delian from behind the bar. She was in fact a succubus. Even the battered Tolg joined the fracas.
  • Several other members of the Bloodghosts also joined the fray and Jarmaag himself unleashed a devastating array of magic upon the outnumbered heroes.
  • Eventually the group began to get the best of their enemies as they dropped them one by one. In the end it was only Jarmaag and Galaria left. It was then that Galaria showed her true colours and betrayed Jarmaag to save her own skin. She stopped resisting the PCs and offered information on Rathos’ in exchange for her life.
  • Enraged, Jarmaag tried to flee but was dropped in the stairwell by the mysterious ranger’s deadly aim.
  • As the party tied up Jarmaag, Galaria unceremoniously relieved him of his secret key (from places best left unspoken!) and took Ethan and Sterling up to Jarmaag’s suite. There they found the Khyber dragonshard just where Rathos thought it would be.
  • Now the party needs to decide how to proceed.

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